Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Horsepucky, Narratives, Political Suppositions and The Atomic Hammer of Truth

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Horsepucky, Narratives, Political Suppositions and The Atomic Hammer of Truth: CTH
Trump: 'Dicky' Durbin 'totally misrepresented' DACA meeting: Sarah Westwood
Jeff Flake: one of our stupidest, most dishonest members of Congress: Thomas Wictor

Dick Durbin blew up DACA, deliberately: LI
The Audacity of Saying “Shitholes”: Jim Goad
McSally Says Dems Should ‘Get Over’ Idea Of Clean Dream Act: Will Racke

Corrupt Judge Violates Constitution To Continue DACA: Washington Standard
After Year of Resistance, California Faces Huuuge Trump Assault: Stephen Frank
Dems Mad Fed Report On Gun Sales Didn’t Confirm Their Talking Points: Kerry Picket

Bummer: Illegal Alien Workplace Raids Are “Causing A Lot Of Panic”: William Teach
Administration Plans To Help States Implement Work Requirements for Medicaid: Ali Meyer
The battle to shut down Obama's presidential center: Anna Giaritelli


A third way toward entitlement reform: Time limits on housing benefits: Douglas Bushman
California’s Total Government Debt Rises to $1.3 Trillion: CAPR
Economists agree: Trump, not Obama, gets credit for economy: Liz Peek

Scandal Central

Trump dossier probes now include possible State Department involvement: Byron York
Our American Civil War – An Upcoming Talk: Daniel Greenfield
Repost: Back-Story to DOJ Reopening Investigation of Uranium Transportation Company: CTH

Climate, Energy & Regulations

How Jeff Sessions Is Reining in the Regulatory State: Terry Eastland
We’re Saved: You Can Now Take Fossil Fueled Trip To Visit a Climate Change Visitor Center: William Teach


CNN Uses Martin Luther King to Push Their Leftist Agenda, Bash Trump: Corey Stalling
‘Why Don’t We Get Real?’: Tucker Takes On Illegal Immigrant Lawyer: Justin Caruso
CNN: MLK 'Was a Socialist Before It Was Cool': Stephen Kruiser

Jim Carrey, Twitter, and the Left's idiotic Hawaii reaction: Tom Rogan
WaPo: You Know Bonuses and Wage Hikes Weren’t Really Caused By Tax Bill Or Something: William Teach
Attn: Media: CTH


Formal complaints to FBI regarding suspect Australian taxpayer donations to Clinton Foundation: Michael Smith
Judge for yourself: are these countries sh**holes?: LibertyHeadlines
A new city, populated by welfare recipients, for Germany each year: Vlad Tepes

James Mattis Just Sent a Direct Message to the Iranian People: TruePundit
Judicial Watch Chief Urges DOJ to Probe Clinton Foundation’s Uranium One Ties: LifeZette
President Trump Awarded Medal of Bravery by Afghan Elders for Standing Up to Pakistan: GWP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hawaiian fake nukes alert caused by fat-fingered fumble of garbage GUI: Richard Chirgwin
New Research Points to a Genetic Switch That Can Let Our Bodies Talk to Electronics: Futurism
Facebook: Championing Blasphemy Laws: Judith Bergman


Crazy Like A Fox: MOTUS
One of the Biggest Diamonds in History Has Just Been Dug Up: Thomas Biesheuvel
4 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: FreeEnt

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