Friday, January 19, 2018

ON THE BRINK: Obamagate Scandal Poised to Explode All Over the Obama DOJ and FBI #ReleaseTheMemo

Some of the comments by lawmakers who have seen the Top Secret 4-page report on abuse of FISA surveillance by the Obama DOJ and FBI are stunning:

"This is so alarming the American people have to see it"... "Has to be made public"... "Shocking"... "Part of me wishes I didn't read it"... "Laws were broken"... "Like the KGB"...

..."We can never live in a country that lets this kind of thing happens"... "the cast of characters identified in his memo... are still in our government and still wield influence"... "criminal consequences"... "it's easy to see after reading this memo why... this was referred for criminal prosecution..."

I'll say it again. This is Watergate times 1,000.

#ReleaseTheMemo and #DrainTheSwamp.

Hat tip: The Last Refuge.


clayusmcret said...

The funniest part is democrats in congress are refusing to read it. A report yesterday said that the only democrats who read it were on the committee; that the rest are avoiding it like a plague. Makes it easier to argue against when you haven't read what you're arguing against.

MMinLamesa said...

Just like during Clinton's impeachment when POSs like ex Iowa senator Harkin called the testimony a "dung heap"

Unknown said...

Keep in mind, this goes all the way to the top. The VERY TOP. The Oval Office. Barry the Community Agitator.

Think about it. WHO is going to break the law, risk going to jail, risk bringing hell down upon the President and the Democrat party, on their own. "I'm not making that decision. Yoooooou make that decision!" "I'm not making that decision. Hey, I know, let's get Barracky to make that decision!"