Thursday, January 18, 2018

THE SCHUMER SHUTDOWN: Democrats Prioritize Illegal Aliens Over Health Care for 9 Million Kids

By Sgt. Fury

The headlines say it all.

Senate Democrats are proud to have the votes to shut the government down. Their reason for opposing a government funding bill that fully funds the health care program for 9 million American children?

Because there has yet to be a deal on the fate of a program that protects 700,000 illegal aliens (a program that doesn’t expire until March).

Sounds like a solid strategy for all the red-state Senate Democrats up for election in 2018. Good luck with that. #SchumerShutdown

I wonder what their constituents have to say?

Oh, wait: we already know: "CNN’s Worst Nightmare – Youngstown Ohio Voters Thrilled With Trump’s First Year".

Hat tip: BadBlue Uncensored News


DAH said...

I firmly believe the reason the Democrats are pushing for a shutdown has nothing to do with DACA or the Dreamers. They want to create a firestorm on the #governmentshutdown to divert attention away from the breaking FISA abuse report. #ReleasetheMemo

Loverofourcountry said...
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Loverofourcountry said...

Divert for now... it's all getting ready to blow up in their "party over country" corrupt little faces!

Anonymous said...

Deport them all and their parents