Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: Former aides promise to expose 'deep state' plot against Trump in 2016

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Former aides promise to expose 'deep state' plot against Trump in 2016: Robert Donachie
Leading Democrat Cummings says U.S. must let migrant caravan enter country: Times
Anti-Semitic Trouble in My Old Los Angeles Hood: Roger L. Simon

The migrant caravan just ruined its close-up: Philip Wegmann
Why not build a border barrier? It's the law: Byron York
DHS chief claims 600 convicted criminals are hiding in migrant caravans: Anna Giaritelli

Beta O’Rourke Not Ruling Out 2020 Presidential Run: Jeffrey Cimmino
Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) says GOP likely to win in Mississippi: Exam
Kamala Harris Could Lose Seat on Senate Judiciary Committee: Andrew Kugle

Violent Migrant Border Incident Exact Replay: Obama Used Tear Gas at Border: Neil Munro
Migrant caravan divides Trump, Democrats as violence occurs on border: Times
42 Arrested After Illegally Entering U.S. During Migrant Effort To Storm Border: WZ


Senate GOP scrambling to find $5B for Trump's border wall: Susan Ferrechio
Battle of the budget begins with Trump: Jamie McIntyre & Travis J. Tritten
Union Leader: 'GM Won't Close Plants Without One Hell Of A Fight': ZH

Nigel Farage Discusses PM Theresa May’s Disappointing Brexit Deal: CTH
UK to publish Brexit economic analysis on Wednesday: May's spokesman: Reuters
Pro-Israel Groups Expose Rand Paul as Blocking U.S. Aid to Israel: Adam Kredo

Scandal Central

Paul Manafort, accused of breaking plea deal, could spend the rest of his life in prison: Kelly Cohen
Roger Stone says Jerome Corsi is being 'harassed' by Mueller for 'refusing to lie': Diana Stancy Correll
A Tiny Minority of Half a Million Jihadists: Daniel Greenfield

The ‘Islamophobia’ problem: Douglas Murray
Warren and Anti-Semitic Women’s March Head to Speak at Immigration Conference: Cameron Cawthorne
Mom Dresses Six-Year-Old Son As Girl, Threatens Dad With Losing His Son For Disagreeing: Walt Heyer

Climate, Energy & Regulations

The Latest Manipulative National Climate Assessment Report: Joseph Klein
Trump Responds To Dire Predictions In The Latest US Climate Report: Michael Bastasch
Obama's 'car of the future' goes kaput: Philip Wegmann


DHS Secretary Issues Statement, Correcting False Media Accounts at Southern U.S. Border: CTH
Oops: MSNBC Accidentally Airs Report Showing Vast Majority of Caravan are Military Aged Males: CTH
CNN's Marc Lamont Hill Can't Name One Example of Right-Wing Rioters on Campuses: PJM

PSA encourages kids to steal parents' guns, hand over to teachers: Jessica Chasmar
Jim Acosta May Have Just Perjured Himself In His Sworn Statement About WH “Microphone” Incident: ILMF
Steyer Impeachment Ad Aims to Pressure Newly Elected Members of Congress: Todd Shepherd


2018 Tijuana Cartel War Leaves 2200 Murdered While Migrant Crisis Intensifies: Robert Arce
Trump accuses Mexico, Central America of trying to 'dump' their unwanted in U.S.: Valerie Richardson
Macron talks about a unified Europe but presides over a divided France: Erin Dunne

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Twitter Bans 'Misgendering' People with Undesired Pronouns: Lucas Nolan
DARPA Successfully Tests AI "Swarming Drones" That Can Make Battlefield "Decisions": ZH
Google's 'plan' for products that will monitor movement, moods and even kids' behavior: DailyMail


Petition of Dissolution: Christian Mercenary
'Marvin Lewis should be fired before the top of the hour!': Stephen A. Smith
Mars: The Red Planet Will Not Be White: MOTUS

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