Thursday, March 28, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: The Democratic Plan to Corrupt Congress

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Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
The Democratic Plan to Transform Congress: FPM
How Obama, Hillary and Brennan Carried Out The Crime of the Century: Patrick Howley
President Trump Lengthy Interview With Sean Hannity: CTH

Trump Vows to Declassify Documents on Surveillance of His Campaign: Ivan Pentchoukov
Lindsey Graham Outlines Advice to AG Barr to Appoint a Special Counsel: CTH
Trump says Adam Schiff ‘is a disgrace to our country’: Zachary Halaschak

Make No Mistake: The Mueller Investigation Was All About Flynn: Michael Ledeen
Crony State: Obamas’ Chicago Fixer Tina Tchen: Michelle Malkin
You’re A Sucker For Not Believing That The System Is Rigged: Kurt Schlichter

Fake News CNN:After President Forced Out, Hate Group SPLC's President Resigns: Ace
Amazon Still Gives SPLC Veto Power Over Charity Program: Peter Hasson
Court Kicks CAIR Out of San Diego School District: Clarion


Why Puerto Rico is starving: Jeff Spross
Trump budget requests money for Central American countries despite threat to pull aid: Melissa Quinn
What Most Critics of "Markets" Get Wrong about Entrepreneurs: Per Bylund

Scandal Central

Sen. Paul: “Brennan... insisted... fake Steele dossier be included in [FISA application]”: CTH
Devin Nunes Prepares Criminal Referrals for Next Week Delivery to AG Barr: CTH
Five reasons why the public may never see the full Mueller report: Exam

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Nancy’s Theocracy: Jake Wagner


50+ Journalists, Politicians, Celebrities, and Grifters Who Peddled the Russia Collusion Hoax: Debra Heine
Time to Investigate the Washington Post’s Qatari Collusion?: Daniel Greenfield
Judicial Watch goes after CNN, John Brennan, James Clapper: WND

Chris Cuomo: It's Not Media's Job to Figure Out Who Duped Nation With Russia Hoax: Ace
Smollett Drama – Cook County State Attorney Now Says Sealing Case Was Done Accidentally: CTH
‘Journalist’ Who Falsely Claimed ICE Agent Had Nazi Tattoo To Teach Journalism At NYU: Tammy Bruce


Maduro Gets Russian Military Backup: NoisyRm
100 migrants hijack rescue ship to head for Europe: Zachary Halaschak
Shocking Revelations on the Devolution of Sweden: Janet Levy (2017)

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

5 Brands That Centered Digital Transformation Around Customers: Giselle Abramovich
Woman with novel gene mutation lives almost pain-free: EurekAlert!
How Anxiety Warps Your Perception: Bobby Azarian


Trump, revisited: ProWis
President Trump Participates in Medal of Honor Ceremony: CTH
Comey: Mueller report shows 'FBI is not corrupt, not a nest of vipers': Zachary Halaschak

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