Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: How the Constitution Dies

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Make America Great Again with USA Flag Adjustable Baseball Hat
How the Constitution Dies: Wilder
Mark Levin and Bill Bennett discuss how the Left has warped public education: Nate Madden
The Spygate ‘Insurance Policy’ Coup Never Had a Chance: Brian Cates

Omar Doesn’t Represent American Muslims, She Represents Islamists: Shireen Qudosi
Radical Democratic 2020 Candidates Open to Packing Supreme Court: William Patrick
Senior Gillibrand aide quit over sexual harassment but was kept on her staff: Naomi Lim

DHS Releases 84.5K Border Crossers, Illegals into U.S. in Two Months: John Binder
It’s not about building a wall. It’s about building a will: Daniel Horowitz
Yes, illegal immigration is a national emergency, but for different reasons: Jerome Danner

Democratic Presidential Clown Car Update for March 18, 2019: BattleSwarm
Foreign national wanted to tour Bragg “special operations facility”: Rachael Riley
Get Ready for the Struggle Session: Peggy Noonan


Tales from the Illinois Exodus–Part One: John Ruberry
Unmasking the College-Admissions Fraud: Heather Mac Donald
Democrats are pushing the biggest tax increase you've never heard of: Joseph Semprevivo

$250,000,000 in Taxpayer Money Spent on Health Care for Illegal Aliens: John Binder
California college to vote on ending Israel study program, with support from Rep. Tlaib: Adam Shaw
College Admissions -- How to Jump to the Head of the Line: Charles Lipson

Scandal Central

Representative Devin Nunes Files Major Lawsuit Against Twitter for ‘Smears’ and ‘Shadowbans’: CTH
Why did Kamala Harris let Herbalife off the hook?: Alexander Nazaryan
How Disagreement Became ‘Hate’: Robert Stacy McCain

Mark Meadows: US ambassadors conspired with DOJ to take down Trump: Diana Stancy Correll
Challenge to National Popular Vote Must Wait Until Compact Becomes Active: Todd Shepherd
Orwellian: Google Scrubs Greenpeace Co-Founder to Protect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: RS

Climate, Energy & Regulations

'Heartbreaking': USAF gives up fight to stop water at Offutt; one-third of base is flooded: Omaha


Trump Offers Fox News Free Advice: 'Be Strong & Prosper, Be Weak & Die!': Timothy Meads
The Unbearable Whiteness of Beto: BattleSwarm
Political Correctness Is Ruining Academic Journals: John Stossel

Did a Fox News Producer Sink Judge Jeanine?: S. Noble
Levin: ‘Human souls were slaughtered … and they’re attacking our president’: Carmel Kookogey
Release of Congressional Transcripts Confirms The Epoch Times’ Prior Reporting: Jasper Fakkert

Americans To be Prosecuted For Critical Posts on Islam, Charged With “Cyber Terrorism”: GWP
In Defense of Judge Jeanine: Glazov
Goofy, Albeit Predictable, Decision: Fox News Hires Donna “Debate-Gate” Brazile: CTH


Netherlands Terror Suspect Captured, Officials Say: Jack Phillips
Macron Cracks Down on Yellow Vest Protests – Blocks Champs-Elysees Avenue, Replaces Police Chief: CTH
The Migrant Crisis On The Border Is A ‘Money-Making Machine’: Federalist

Germany Plans to Renege on Pledge to Raise Military Spending, Defying Trump: Morningstar
Islamic Jihadis See New Zealand Massacre As Best Chance To Shut Down Their Opposition: Standard
The ISIS Ambassador to Turkey: Anne Speckhard, Ardian Shajkovci

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook vs. Conservatives: James Gorrie
‘Don’t Ground the Airplanes. Ground the Pilots.’: James Fallows
Scientists can turn regular seawater into hydrogen fuel: Amrita Khalid


Malia, Michelle, Barack and the College Admissions Scandal: Jack Cashill
“Whereof One Cannot Speak, Thereof One Must Be Silent.”: MOTUS
The Gun Control Campaign Against The AR-15 Is Full Of Lies: David Harsanyi

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