Monday, April 01, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Tom Cotton Lays The Blame For The Collusion Hoax At The Door Of One Man

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Unfreedom of the Press, Mark Levin's Devastating New Bestseller
Tom Cotton Lays The Blame For The Collusion Hoax At The Door Of One Man: RS
Mark Levin Interviews John Solomon and Sara Carter: CTH
Let’s Add Entrapment To The List Of Charges Against The Obama FBI: RS

Why these Democrats fear ‘Mueller madness’ will boost Trump in 2020: Salena Zito
34% at Trump's Michigan rally were Democrats: Don Surber
Voters Agree With Trump on Russia Probe: David Catron

Did Bruce Ohr’s Testimony Defuse a NYT Bombshell?: Julie Kelly
Sen. Graham Discusses His Plans for Senate Judiciary Investigations: CTH
POTUS Asks How “Fraudulent Investigation of the Trump Campaign Began”: CTH

The Tables Turn in Russian Collusion Hunt: Victor Davis Hanson
Dumbest Member of Congress Strikes Again: iOTWreport
Ocasio-Cortez: Democratics Should Stop Donating to DCCC: Cameron Cawthorne


'Seattle Is Dying' because Liberalism Is Killing It: Trevor Thomas
HHS Makes $5.1 Million Grant to Pro-Life Community Clinics: Rachel del Guidice
White House working on secret healthcare plan with conservative think tanks: Emily Ward

Scandal Central

When did Mueller know about no collusion and did he string probe along to influence midterms?: Richard A. Epstein
Obama Judge: Obama’s Decisions Are Permanent And President Trump Can’t Change Them: RS
Trey Gowdy Discusses Adam Schiff, the Collusion Delusion and Mueller Report: CTH


The sad, surprise end to Rachel Maddow’s Mueller report conspiracy quest: Rich Lowry
A hard look at the soft coup: Peter Barry Chowka
Don Jr. blasts Russia investigation coverage: The media is ‘a blight on our republic’: John Gage

The Second Coming of Beto O’Rourke: Alex Griswold
Sunday Talks: Furrowed Brow Interviews Lucy Flores About Creepy Joe: CTH
Sunday Talks: Kellyanne Conway vs. Chris Wallace: CTH


Why two carriers left Norfolk just hours apart: Mark D. Faram
May Turns Brexit Into Wrecks-It: Jed Babbin
Erdogan Suffers Major Setbacks In Local Elections In Turkey’s Big Cities: OAN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Don’t Let Google Fool You, Mr. President: Mytheos Holt
Satellite Photos Show Chinese Anti-Satellite Laser Base: Bill Gertz
How a proton gets its spin is surprisingly complicated: Emily Conover


Milan Kundera Warned Us About Historical Amnesia. Now It’s Happening Again: Ewan Morrison
How Kim Foxx happened: John Ruberry
Earth Hour - ‘Better To Light a Single Candle’ Version: MOTUS

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