Sunday, July 21, 2019

Larwyn's Linx: Pure Partisan Politics, God Bless the USA

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MAGA Vintage Adjustable Baseball Cap Denim
Pure Partisan Politics, God Bless the USA: American Elephant
DNA Test Reveal 30 Percent Of Suspected Migrant Families Were Fraudulent: RSW
Teaching Newton, MA High School Students to Demonize Israel: Liel Leibovitz

Apollo 11 at 50: The Peak Of American Achievement And Glory?: The Camp of the Saints
NBC Poll: Trump at 48% Approval: Ace
Festival of Trump hating canceled: Don Surber

Two Weeks after Benghazi Attack, Omar Tweeted: "Allahu Akbar :) #LifeisGood"!!!: GWP
Omar’s Somali community sends ‘$100 million a year’ home in support of terror group: NatlSent
Georgia Imams Teaching Jihad: No New 9/11s Because "Islam Is Winning”: NoisyRm

TWANLOC: Chicago Boyz
San Francisco's Hidden Homeless: PolCalc
Philadelphia Police now required to lie: First Street Journal


Labor nominee Scalia frustrated Obama's agenda with mastery of legal minutiae: Sean Higgins
Check out the White House Payroll from the past decade: Open The Books
Beware, the IRS is eyeing your inherited money: Bill Bischoff

Scandal Central

House Republicans Want Nellie Ohr’s Oppo Research Of Trump’s Family: Report: Chuck Ross
Omar Questions the Patriotism of American-Born Citizens: Cameron Cawthorne
Weird Situation: POTUS Requests Consideration for U.S. Rapper A$AP Rocky Held in Stockholm: CTH


Cry Wolf: Cold Fury
These Prominent People Must Be Panicking About What the Epstein Case Will Reveal: Dagny Taggart
Trump Attacks NYT Columnist Thomas Friedman About His Chin: Ace

There's no American success story The Left-Wing New York Times will tolerate: Cold Fury
Google’s plan to improve local news will start in Youngstown, Ohio: Christine Fisher
Miss Michigan USA stripped of title for the obvious reason: Hot Air


Obama Unleashed a Genocide, and Trump Stopped It: John Zmirak
Iran Reveals New Footage Of Seized British Tanker: OAN
On video: Robbing patrons at a Mexico City seafood restaurant: Chivis Martinez

Ret. General Robert Spalding on Apollo 11: ‘We’ve Lost It All’ to China: Robter Kraychik
Susan Rice: Trump Doing 'Whatever the Hell He Wants' 'Exceedingly Dangerous': Pam Key
Reporter Visits Omar’s Homeland To Prove It Is Safe, Gets Murdered: Carmine Sabia

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Celebrating 117 years of air conditioning thanks to Willis Carrier and his 1902 invention: WBIR
Physicists Have Reversed Time on The Smallest Scale by Using a Quantum Computer: Mike McRae
Why measles is back, in five charts: Sara Chodosh


3,000 strangers show up to funeral of Vietnam veteran with no family: Elise Solé
Don't Be Surprised If Michelle Obama Gets Into the Democrat Presidential Race: EIB
Alan Turing is the face of UK’s new £50 note: Jon Porter

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QOTD: "But there is one principle which pervades all the institutions of this country, and which must always operate as an obstacle to the granting of favors to new comers. This is a land, not of privileges, but of equal rights. Privileges are granted by European sovereigns to particular classes of individuals, for purposes of general policy; but the general impression here is that privileges granted to one denomination of people, can very seldom be discriminated from erosions of the rights of others.

Emigrants from Germany, therefore, or from elsewhere, coming here, are not to expect favors from the governments. They are to expect, if they choose to become citizens, equal rights with those of the natives of the country. They are to expect, if affluent, to possess the means of making their property productive, with moderation, and with safety;—if indigent, but industrious, honest and frugal, the means of obtaining easy and comfortable subsistence for themselves and their families.

Immigrants ‘come to a life of independence, but to a life of labor…’
They come to a life of independence, but to a life of labor—and, if they cannot accommodate themselves to the character, moral, political, and physical, of this country, with all its compensating balances of good and evil, the Atlantic is always open to them, to return to the land of their nativity and their fathers." --John Quincy Adams, 1819

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