Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Larwyn`s Linx: Veritas Bombshell: CNN President Gives Daily Instructions To Target President Trump

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Donald Trump Hat 2020 Keep America Great KAG MAGA with USA Flag Hat
Veritas Bombshell: CNN President Gives Daily Instructions To Target President Trump: CTH
The history lesson on impeachment that Dems, media don’t want you to see: CR
Media Prints Useful Leaks from Clandestine ‘Impeachment’ Inquiry Testimony: Liz Sheld

What the flying flip? AmbASSador Yovanovitch and State Dept. surveilled conservatives: CTH
These Gun Owners Were Able to Confront Criminals in September: Signal
No, James Comey, America Doesn’t Want Your Help: Julie Kelly

Dems Decimated in Louisiana: Guy Benson
Dems Imploding: Booker Accuses Buttigieg of ‘Doing the NRA’s Work’: Hannity
17 Times Pocahantas Dodged the Middle Class Tax Question: Adam Sabes


Thank Do-Nothing Dems: New drug-pricing data shows stunning hikes: Beth Mole
PG&E shut-off may have wiped out $500K in cancer studies: Katie Dowd, SFGATE
Target Workers Get A Predictable Rude Wakeup After Minimum Wage Hike: Sister Toldjah

Scandal Central

Report: Steele Dossier Reviewed by Obama: Scoop
Rep Lee Zeldin Discusses Fiona Hill Testimony and Schiff’s Conspicuous Attempt to Drop the Whistleblower: CTH
The Deep State Plot Against Trump: Armstrong Williams

The ‘Whistleblower’ and the 'Schiff-Biden Dossier': Daniel John Sobieski
Denied Entry: Rep. Matt Gaetz ‘Kicked Out’ of Democrats’ Impeachment Hearing: Hannity
Hunter Biden Still Holds Stake In Chinese Firm. His Business Partner Retains Supervisor Role: Andrew Kerr


ABC News Busted Creating “Fake News Propaganda” Surrounding Syrian Conflict: CTH
CNN Failed to Disclose Warren Town Hall Questioner Was Maxed-Out Donor: Alex Griswold
‘Journalist’ Soledad O’Brien Leads Discussion Of Why Trump Supporters Are ‘Trash’: Nick Arama


President Trump Announces Initial Economic Action Against Turkey – Erdogan Left Naked: CTH
Trump’s Syrian Maneuver Works – President Erdogan Asks for Negotiations With Kurds in Syria: CTH
Amid rising tensions, US said considering plan to remove nukes from Turkish base: TOI

Terror Attacks in France: A Culture of Denial: Alain Destexhe
Sen. Rand Paul Calls For Probe Into Democrats’ Ukraine Letter: OAN
Trump: It’s Easier For Syrian Christians to Enter the US Now Than Under Obama: CNS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Elizabeth Holmes Is a Visionary, and We Need More Like Her: John Tamny
Whistleblower: Google Partners with China on 'AI Manhattan Project': Lucas Nolan
Russians Hack FBI Comms System: Schneier


Twilight Zone Tuesday: Swamp Edition: MOTUS
The FBI Eagerly Accepted Foreign Interference — To Give A Third Term To FDR: I&I
Dem Impeachment Strategy Continues To Crumble: Earl of Taint



commoncents said...

Project Veritas Update - PART 2 - CNN Leadership Picks Winners and Losers on Eve of Debate. " (video)


Anonymous said...

As we whistle past Urban Campgrounds dRATS are explaining the values of their dystopian society. This event is made stranger still in that each of them know the light at the end of the tunnel is DJT.