Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Comey’s Stalinists: Jail time is all they should have to look forward to

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Trump #MAGA Pajama Bottoms
Comey’s Stalinists: Jail time is all they should have to look forward to: Jed Babbin
Sidney Powell: Comey & Co. Committed Prosecutable Crimes in Targeting Flynn, Trump: Robert Kraychik
Congress, don't extend disincentives to work: Examiner

Your Guide To The Obama Administration’s Hit On Michael Flynn: Margot Cleveland
The Tyrannical Soul of Gretchen Whitmer: Kevin Portteus
Governors We’d Like To See Recalled For Their Pandemic Responses: I&I

Two More Women Come Forward to Corroborate Biden Accuser: Matt Palumbo
Weekend at Biden’s: R.S. McCain
Left vs. Far-Left: Tara Reade allegations against Joe Biden divide Democrats: Naomi Lim

More blue states move toward reopening: Cassidy Morrison
'Sanctuary' California Begs Trump for Help After Illegal Aliens Spill Into U.S. COVID Units: Victoria Taft
Text Message In Mueller Report Has Proved Expensive For Ex-Trump Business Partner: Chuck Ross


Treasury to borrow $3 trillion in second quarter, far more than during financial crisis: Jay Heflin
New Model Predicts COVID Daily Deaths Will Soon Hit 200K Per Day. Nate Silver Is Not Convinced.: Chris White
People have asked about the new @IHME_UW figures showing 135,000 deaths: Alex Berenson

Scandal Central

Michael Flynn was railroaded by Comey's FBI: James A. Gagliano
Pressure mounts on Wray as FBI behavior in Russia case comes into clearer focus: John Solomon
Jim Jordan Blasts FBI Director Wray in Letter Demanding Answers, Interviews With Bill Priestap and Joe Pientka: CTH

Report: CIA I.G. Sitting On Report That Putin Favored Hillary Clinton in 2016, But John Brennan Overruled Them: Ace
Secretary of the Senate says she has 'no discretion' to disclose Biden accuser complaint: Naomi Lim
Republicans demand interviews with FBI's Priestap, Pientka after bombshell Michael Flynn revelations : Fox


RNC chairwoman: Networks that ignored Biden allegation should be barred from presidential debates: Mike Brest
NYT: Tara Reade Allegations Too Politically Explosive to be Investigated by the Media-- So They Should be Investigated by…the DNC: Ace
Judge Dismisses Whiny Whamen's Soccer Team Lawsuit; They Chose the Safe, Socialist Pay Structure Rather: Ace

Project Veritas Uncovered an Important Coronavirus Story and Twitter Is Actively Suppressing It: Beth Baumann
Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic: Jeffrey A. Tucker
The Media Racket And The Coronavirus Numbers Game: Derek Hunter


Bad to worse: A tit-for-tat timeline of deteriorating U.S.-China relations: JTN
China squeezes debt repayments from virus-hit nations: Gordon Watts
Speaking in Mandarin, Senior Trump Advisor Calls for Greater Freedom in China: Eva Fu

As China's Economy Implodes, Trump Ratchets Up the Pressure: Jeff Reynolds
Thanks, Socialized Medicine UK: More than half of all adults now paid by the state: Telegraph
Our toothless response to China is embarrassing: Stephen Daisley

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Scientists Create Antibody That Defeats Coronavirus in Lab: Tim Loh
Significant breakthrough in finding antibody to coronavirus: Arutz Sheva
Here’s What It Feels Like To Be Stung By Asia’s ‘Murder Hornet’: Joseph Curl

Esper fears pandemic will force Pentagon to make deep cuts to invest in new technology: Jamie McIntyre
Apple, Google ban use of location tracking in contact tracing apps: THT
Bitcoin hash rate soars ahead of halving: Paul Muir


I'm Bored,' Says Kid With More Luxuries Than Even Royalty Possessed Just 100 Years Ago: Babylon Bee
Language Apologies In Advance, But Sometimes You Just Lose It: MOTUS
Do the Media Even Exist?: Victor Davis Hanson

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