Monday, June 01, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: The Fog is Lifted

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Gray Trump-Pence Hoodie
The Fog is Lifted: David Prentice
Communist Spring Sprouts in Minneapolis: T.L. Davis
Nice: Officer charged in Floyd case faced at least 17 misconduct complaints: Matt Vespa

BidenWatch for June 1, 2020: BattleSwarm
Minneapolis city councilman, son of MN A.G declares support for antifa: Mica Soellner
Mayhem: Rioters Set Historic Church Ablaze Near the White House: Cortney O'Brien

Give Up Your Guns Because Democrats Will Totally Protect You: Kurt Schlichter
Sunday Talks: Crump on Floyd – “We Don’t Understand”: CTH
George Floyd killing: Fires set near White House as US protests continue: EuroNews

AG Bill Barr Releases Statement on Riots and Domestic Terrorism: CTH
” If you have been supporting ANTIFA … your life just took a hard turn.”: SDA
Behind Burning City Protests, Barack Obama’s New Army: Judi McLeod

Scandal Central

Republican senator: 62 leaks threatened national security in early days of Trump administration: Daniel Chaitin
Predictable Idiocy from Marco Rubio: CTH
At Least 4 Synagogues Were Vandalized By BLM/Antifa: Daniel Greenfield


Susan Rice predicts foreign actors fueling civil unrest amid George Floyd protests: Examiner
Antifa Thugs Attack Cassandra Fairbanks’ House After Her Address Was Leaked Online: Summit
Microsoft fires dozens of journalists, plans to replace them with robots: JTN


China faces an unemployment time bomb: Gordon Watts
Sunday Talks: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Discusses China, Hong Kong and a Shift In U.S. Policy: CTH
White House Iran Policy Is Hitting Tehran's Terror Allies Hard. Now Let Us Try for Harder.: Majid Rafizadeh

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Facebook’s oversight appointment is dangerous: Lin Nguyen
SpaceX's pioneering astronauts board the International Space Station: Steve Dent
Parkinson’s disease may spread from brain to gut and vice versa: New Scientist


Ease of Destruction: Stilton’s Place
Joe Suits Up for Battle: Earl of Taint
Monday Pun: GOC


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