Monday, June 08, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: Minneapolis City Council announces veto-proof push to disband police in George Floyd aftermath

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Minneapolis City Council to disband police in George Floyd aftermath: Fox
Democrat NYC Mayor de Blasio Defunds the Police: Geller Report
NY D.A. declines to pursue charges against man tied to Cathedral vandalism: Exam

Left-wing mayhem: Joseph Simonson & Jerry Dunleavy
‘Defund the police’ politicians are utter fakes: Nicole Gelinas
"Minneapolis City Council pledged Sunday to dismantle its Police Deptt": Althouse

An 'Epidemic' of Racist Police Shootings? Several Studies Say No.: Matt Margolis
BidenWatch for June 8, 2020: BattleSwarm
General Mattis Has Betrayed the Marines and America: Sebastian Gorka

Black Lives Are a Pretext: David Horowitz
Welcome to Maoist America: Roger L. Simon
3 members of ANTIFA arrested after looting a Target in Austin, FBI says: KSAT


DOJ: COVID-19 stimulus business loans in CARES Act have been a target for fraudsters: JTN
The Campus Social Justice Warriors of Yesterday Are Now in the Workplace: LI
The Great Diamond Glut: Miners Stuck With Gems Worth Billions: Thomas Biesheuvel

Scandal Central

Lindsey Graham Denied Access To FBI Employees Who Interviewed Key Dossier Source: Chuck Ross
Graham Discusses Rod Rosenstein Testimony – Someone is Blocking FBI Agents From Testifying: CTH
Sunday Talks: Former ADNI Ric Grenell Discusses The Administrative State: CTH

Our under-incarceraton problem, looting edition: Paul Mirengoff
Unveiling Covid-19 research scandal: AT


AG Barr Responds to Media Lies About D.C. Riots and Trump's 'Demand' to Send in Troops: Bronson Stocking
Why #STFUHillary is trending on Twitter.: Althouse
CNN Urges Parents to Talk to Kids About Their Privilege: Alex Christy

Ben Shapiro Debunks The Myth of Systemic Police Racism: BattleSwarm
New York Times corrects The 1619 Project — but it’s still a giant lie: Post (3/20)
Snowflake New York Times opinion editor resigns after controversy over Tom Cotton piece: Caitlin Yilek


Bringing the Middle East Back Home: Tony Badran
Iran Blocks Access to Nuclear Sites, IAEA Says in New Report: Adam Kredo
With recovery of last case, New Zealand has eradicated virus: Nick Perry

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facebook is Radicalizing Us: Dr. Yvette Alt Miller
US special operations forces are testing a 'guaranteed hit' smart rifle system in Syria: Jared Keller
COVID-19 virus has properties that have never been found in nature before: Lawrence Sellin


'Artist friends in the hills bought guns': Singer of '90s hit condemns LA mayor's approach to crime: Emma Colton
Complete Cop Out: Stilton’s Place
De-Policing: The Handmaiden of Socialism: Eileen F. Toplansky


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