Thursday, June 11, 2020

MARK LEVIN: It's Confirmed --- Joe Biden is Unfit to Serve as President

Biden has demonstrated, once and for all, that he is unfit to be president of the United States.

By Mark Levin

Joe Biden has barely mentioned, let alone condemned, the looting, arson, and rioting in our cities; he has said nothing about the police officers maimed and murdered; he has said nothing about the innocent citizens beaten and killed by the rioters; he has said nothing about the small businesses destroyed; he has said nothing about the long-term damage being inflicted on inner city neighborhoods; and, he has absolutely no prescription for putting down the violence and insurrection in these Democrat-run cities and states.

After all, he barely even acknowledges the riots, fearful that it might harm his presidential ambitions.

Biden is AWOL and incapable of protecting and defending the people of this country, their neighborhoods, and their communities. And while he talks about systemic racism -- tearing down our country, our people, and our institutions as racist -- apparently after nearly 50 years in public office he did nothing effective about it.

How can you be president of a people and a nation you defame as systemically racist and unworthy of presidential protection and defense?

We, the people, are a great people, who've fought a civil war and world wars for freedom and humanity.

We, the people, are a charitable people, who volunteer and commit our own resources to helping our fellow man like no other people in the world.

We, the people, are an ingenuous people, who've invented and created technologies, medicines, and products that improve the health and save the lives of untold millions.

Indeed, the list is infinite. Yet, Biden has adopted the language and positions of those who despise this great nation and its great people.

He rips at the nation's fabric, while claiming to want to unite us. Biden is an opportunist, and always has been. This is his third or forth run for the presidency. He has nothing to offer the American people. But he seems to think that by constantly trying to undermine the President Trump at every turn, and smearing the very people he claims to want to represent, he can finally claw his way into the Oval Office.

Biden is simply not worthy of being the president of the United States. He's just another old, burned out, self-serving Washington politician. A fool and a fraud.



The (Deplorable) MUSEman said...

Sorry, Mr. Levin, but unless President Trump is even shrewder and/or luckier than he was in 2016 Joe Biden will become the next (P)resident of the United States, because most Democrats will vote for a rock with a "D" painted on it rather than vote for a non-Democrat.

Sad, but true.

Anonymous said...

Musey displays the usual chant we have become familiar with. The bold assertions that are neither supported with evidence nor advance an argument or where Trump has failed. Musey fails to dispute a single point Lewin makes. We are supposed to believe that Demorats are so stupid that they will back a senile, corrupt politicians with nothing to offer because ther hatred of Trump is so intense?

On the other hand the nation watches in horror as the true face of the Dhimmierats and their country club RINO pals is revealed. Through all these crisises Trumps has met the challenge that other presidents failed. He has accomplished this despite opposition at every turn from obstructionist Demorats who have nothing to offer and undermining by his own party. Yet he wins and in a way we haven't een since Reagan. He has expanded his voting base and the Dhimmies realize this and are panicking.

Panicking because their policies have hurt those who they pretend to care about. The unions have seen that the Dems are willing to ship their jobs overseas and flood the nation with masses of untrained third world nationals. Their solution is ever increasing taxes and regulations. Or as Obama said it "get used to 2% growth forever."

I will rely on the bookies in Las Vegas and London rather than the pollesters whores who can't seem to predict the sunrise and are shocked at each sunset. The bookies risk their money so they know more than people who run their mouths and they say Trump is going to win, and win big.

The only way this might not happen is due to massive voter fraud, which the Dems have proven themselves very adept at. Somehow I doubt there are enough dead voters, felons, illegals, and 16 year olds to put Biden in the White House despite the money and support he will get from Moscow, Beijing and Tehran. America's worst enemy the media may support Biden but they can't fool Americans all the time and the jig is up. This is why we are seeing organized disorder in the blue states.