Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: A Vote For Biden Puts Far-Left Kamala Harris In Line To Be President — Scared Yet?

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A Vote For Biden Puts Far-Left Kamala Harris In Line To Be President — Scared Yet?: I&I
On Kamala Harris: Kevin D. Williamson
For Biden, Kamala the cop will be Kamala the flop: Quin Hillyer

So. Harris. (Or: Kamala’s Greatest Hits!): BattleSwarm
Kamala Harris attacks Joe Biden's record on civil rights in debate: The Hill (6/19)
BLM organizer says looting is 'reparations': 'Businesses have insurance': Times

Democrats Mistake Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ for Instruction Manual: Brian Cates
Trump: 'China will own the United States' if Biden wins: Zachary Halaschak
'Nothing Short of Treasonous': Larry O'Connor

Treat Kamala like they treated Palin: Don Surber
Why Kamala Harris could prove an elusive target for Trump: ST
Father of Kamala Harris Details on How Their Ancestors Owned Slaves: GWP


Anti-Lockdown Dr. Scott Atlas Joins Coronavirus Task Force: Is Fauci Finally Out?: Megan Fox
Why Democrats Have Started to Cave On Opening Schools: Federalist
Are Today's Leftists Truly Marxists?: Walter E. Williams

Scandal Central

Report: Cuomo’s Nursing Home Policy Killed Nearly Twice As Many As Reported: Matt Palumbo
Russian Collusion Perps Target Johnson: Julie Kelly
Igor Danchenko and a 34 Month Long DOJ/FBI Cover-Up Operation: CTH

Your Rundown Of What Happened In The Latest Court Hearing On Michael Flynn’s Case: Margot Cleveland
Lou Dobbs Interviews Sidney Powell on Today’s Oral Arguments: CTH
Trump warns China and Russia will be 'grabbing plenty' of mail-in ballots: Mica Soellner


The Washington Post’s ‘Fact Checker,’ Not Pence, Deserves the 4 Lying ‘Pinocchios’: Hans von Spakovsky
Kayleigh McEnany Torches Portland Mayor After He Finally Admitted Leftists Can Be Deadly: TPI
Just returned from a lengthy hiatus in normal land: Shashi Galore

New group tells media what they can’t report about Biden’s running mate: Sentinel
President Trump Blessed by Rabbis: Geller Report
T-Shirt Company Refuses to Bow to Antifa, Even After Getting Smeared as 'Fascist': Tyler O’Neil


US doubles down on Taiwan ties to poke China: Bertil Lintner
Drums of war again, in Europe: EUobserver
The Mullahs and Hezbollah, Lords of Drug Smuggling: Majid Rafizadeh

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

CDC Study Shows No COVID-19 Spike from Wisconsin’s April Elections: John McCormack
Explained: Study zeroes in on most effective face mask to block Covid-19: IndianExpress
Israel not sure Russia's coronavirus vaccine 'a genuine product': Joel Gehrke


Game On: MOTUS
Democratic Party sets rules for criticizing Biden's VP pick Kamala Harris: Tammy Bruce
Punch Line: Stilton’s Place

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Anonymous said...

Kamala must immediately appoint her VP and kick old "Bite Me" Joe to the curb. It would show leadership, and I would suggest Carmen Best to fill that slot.