Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Larwyn's Linx: Clip and Save Until November 2nd

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Clip and Save Until November 2nd: Hewitt
'I would like to see what they’re doing in Arizona done here': Malkin
The Re-Hollowing of the Military: Commentary

'Transparency' Mask Dropped: RWN
9th Circuit Grants Stay Pending Appeal in Prop. 8 Case: LegalIns
Nice: Dem Congresswoman brings thug to town hall meeting: GWP

Change: Obama's $30K-a-head Hollywood Fundraiser: WashExam
If You Thought "Taxation Without Representation" Was Bad...: Wizbang
Bam to New York: Drop Dead: AT (Lewis)


Dems Continue to Loot Food Stamp Fund, Now to Help SEIU: RWN
Another Day, Another Union Bailout: WashExam
HUD offers interest-free $50K loans to unemployed: Hot Air

Your Recession, Not the Government's: Surber
Fiscal Conservatism's Social Roots: Jacksonian
Thoughts on Q.E. II: Sargen

Climate & Energy

How Obama is locking up our land, continued: Malkin
Granholm: Criticizing Chevy Volt is “un-American” or something: Hot Air
Liberals (again) blame, in unison, global warming for local weather: BlogProf

Rand Paul Gets It: Attacks Obama-Pelosi in Kentucky Coal Country: GWP


What Can Be Done About the Increasing Worthlessness of Your Vote?: Patterico
Time’s Mark Halperin Pleads with GOP Not to Use Obama’s Support of Ground Zero Mosque Against Dems: WZ
Geller Goes Hollywood: RSM

Rush Limbaugh Calls Barack Obama our 'First Anti-American President': WZ
A Couple Of Pointers For TheStreet.com On Blogging Etiquette: Zero Hedge
LA Teachers' Union Wants to Censor the Times: LAT


Hamas Supports Building Ground Zero Mosque: RWN
Obama Changes Mosque Vote to “Present”: RWN
The Real Problem is Not the Mosque but the Nukes: AT

Bolton: Israel has Eight Days to Decide: GWP
'America is a project, Europe is a sorrow': Driscoll
IN PICTURES: Al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP): Occident

Panderer: the Trouble with Harry: Fausta
Tolerance: Afghan Man and Woman Stoned To Death For Adultery: iOTW
Ground Zero Mosque odds and ends: Treacher


Suit alleges Disney, other top sites spied on users: CNet
Volt Before and After: Highlighting Government Shortcomings: iOTW
The Coolest Thing You'll See Today: Whatever


Those Voices Don't Speak For The Rest of Us: iOTW
Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners: Wizbang
Exercise in Tolerance: R&R

Images: Fox News
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Had enough of Harry Reid? Support Sharron Angle in NV!

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