Monday, October 17, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: A Lesson about Crony Capitalism for the #OWS Crowd

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Occupation Protests

A Lesson about Crony Capitalism for the #OWS Crowd: AT
Occupy Wall Street and Jewish bankers: Baehr
Here are your 1 percent-ers: Obama’s bundlers: Malkin

Thousands of OWS Protesters Cheer Communist Thugs: GWP
Deadbeats, Dopers and Democrats Occupy Denver: LATL
History tries to repeat itself with #OccupyWallStreet: BlkInf

Why, Yes, Obama Will Co-opt OWS Into A Campaign Theme: RWN
#OWS Hatred, Violence, and Antisemitism Compilation: PndtPrs
Cronies: Political extortion created Zuccotti Park: WSJ


Did 2008 Come True?: Hanson
Not a good day for the President: Where Are My Keys?
Intrepid Crime Fighter Or, Politically-Driven Leaker?: ILP2P

Lenin’s 99 Percenters: NoisyRm
Adult leadership comes from the House, not Obama: Barone
Romney's Smoking Gun Picture: AT


More Reasons to Like Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Tax Plan: LoneCon
Mort Zuckerman: Hey, This Obama Is Kind Of a SCOAMF, Isn't He?: Ace
Former Fed colleagues praise Herman Cain: Politico

Can We Credibly Compare the Current Economic Crisis to the Great Depression?: AmPower
The Trap the Left Has Created For Itself: RWN
The Chart That Should Get Obama Fired: HyScience

Gunrunner & Energygate

Is this any way to run a coverup?: SSI
Green Tesla Motors: Another Day, Another Solyndra: PJM
Wake Up And Smell The Stupid: Occupy DC Goes Solar: Soylent


Stand Against Evil - Never Let it Win: Zilla
CNN: Rick Perry's Energy Plan is Stupid: Ace
Journolist 2.0: OccupyDC Emails Show MSM, Dylan Ratigan, Working With Protesters To Craft Message: Loesch

Full Interview: Herman Cain on Meet the Press: Scoop
Does Obama Endorse This?: WklyStd
We can afford to be average no more: TL in Exile


Breaking Tehran: Iran is at war with us, and we must win: McCarthy
Never have so few been blamed for so much by so many: Spengler
DNCC Chair, Rep. Israel Adds OWS to the List of Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Causes He Supports: Lid

Pics From the Front: WZ
21st Century Statecraft: Meet The Private-Public Partnership Supporting #ArabSpring & #OccupyWallSt: LUR
Organizer Behind “Occupy Wall Street” Has History of Anti-Jewish Writing: Commentary


Sights and sounds of the old and new Lancia Stratos in San Marino: Autoblog
Get (almost) any Verizon phone for a penny: CNet
2011 tech industry graveyard : NetWorld


Cherry Picking More POWS: "Resist We Much": MOTUS
The 100-year old insurance agent: CNN
Moneyball Review: Viking Pundit

Image: iMaksim
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Support Herman Cain for President

QOTD: "...even as we marvel at the perfidy of our leaders, conservatives have something to cheer in this failure. [The CLASS Act] is the first major component of Obamacare to collapse under its own weight, but by no means is it likely to be the last. The law is replete with nonsensical economic assumptions and shameless gimmicks. Democrats may have hoped these would not start to become clear until after the 2012 election, but we now already have a good idea of what the world will look like under Obamacare: waivers for the politically connected, rising premiums for the rest of us, and massive spending programs that can’t survive their own assumptions. " --NRO

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Thank you so much for including my post in your awesome linx, Doug! And thank you for bolding it too, I'm honored. Donald is a great guy, I hate what those evil creeps are doing to him.