Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Hilarious Stock Chart o' the Day ( $CARB )

Business. Strategery. At. Its. Finest.

Cake, meet icing: "Announcing The Carbonite Accountability Project."


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone trust their personal info with a liberal data mining arm of the democrat party?

Anonymous said...

dump dump dump

Anonymous said...

More importantly, why would anyone trust their personal data to:

1. A company who has a CEO who is friendly with Occupy Wall Street and other radical Marxist interests that intend to "take Capitalism down" and "seize all property."

2. A company that has, year after year, bled tens of millions in losses with no signs of changing that trajectory in the future. The Pets.Com of backup data, Carbonite too will eventually discover the amazing powers of gravity and be sucked back down to ground.

In either case, your data isn't secure, isn't reliably protected, and is almost certainly going to disappear on you when you most need it.

What is it they're selling anyway?

Trialdog said...

Hmmm, should I invest in a company that abandons it's most profitable advertising campaign? I wonder.