Monday, November 02, 2015

OBAMA’S MASS RELEASE OF FELONS: How many more Americans will be killed or maimed as a result?

Writing at Conservative Review, the consistently excellent Daniel Horowitz offers a concise summary of the outrageous behavior of the Obama administration as it pertains to criminal illegal aliens.

There seems to be a grievance group that has successfully attracted the attention of all or a portion of the political class for any perceived injustice under the sun.  But why is it that nobody in the political class finds a need to act with urgency to protect American lives from violent illegal aliens?  Why are American victims of violence from illegal aliens the only group that garners no attention from the media or politicians?  

Yesterday, a group of families who’ve lost loved ones at the hands of illegal aliens met in Yorba Linda, California for their annual “National Remembrance Day,” an event sponsored by The Remembrance Project – the only organization that gives voice to these grieving families.  While all lives cut short at the hands of murderers are “stolen lives” and represent a tragedy for those families and our nation, deaths at the hands of illegal aliens are even more egregious because they are so preventable.  In fact, all too often these murders are the direct result of federal or state malfeasance, sanctuary city and sanctuary nation policies.

On Friday, the Obama Justice Department began releasing the first tranche of 6,000 felons from federal prison, which will include 2,000 criminal aliens.   How many more Americans will be killed or injured as a result of this policy?  

This scandalous act comes on the heels of the adminisration releasing multiple waves of criminal illegal aliens into American communities, including murderers, rapists, and drug-dealers among them.

Simultaneously, the American justice system is allowing illegal aliens the right to bail, despite the fact that they are almost certain flight risks.  The courts have even prohibited states from Arizona from enforcing immigration law.

Some of these illegals, as could have been predicted, go on to commit even more despicable crimes, including "one case in which an illegal alien beat a two-year-old girl to within an inch of her life." 

If Constitutional Conservatives don't stand up for their principles in December, more innocent Americans are certain to die.

Read more at Conservative Review.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me how Obama gets to release these criminals?