Saturday, October 07, 2017

VEGAS TAXI DRIVER VIDEO: The Zapruder Film of the Mandalay Massacre?

There are several videos circulating that make it sound as though there were more than one shooter in Vegas.

But none that I've seen compare to this one, which has been called "The Zapruder Film" of the massacre.

In it, there are several bursts of fire that sound very far away and -- pretty much at the same time -- another weapon discharges very close to the camera.

I'd be interested in what others think of this:

Hat tip: Daily Sheeple.


Unknown said...

I am not a weapons expert by any stretch of the imagination......but after listening to this clip I believe the following: there is a weapon that has a lower pitch (throatier) and is able to fire for a very extended period of time. The second weapon I heard was higher pitched and seemed to fire in short bursts and for nowhere near the length of time that the other weapon was able to.
I did make allowances for the echoes that could be heard. At one point you can hear the deeper pitched weapon firing and the second higher pitched weapon firing a burst at the same time.
Just my humble opinion.

Gospace said...

I don't know anyone in the military or ex-military who believes there was just one shooter.

Anonymous said...

Perp is moving from room to room and window to window w/i the suite. One room is nearest the entrance where the film is recorded. The other room is slightly around the corner from the entrance.

Perp used multiple weapons.

It is that simple.

Conspiracies are not required to explain this attack.

Hanlon's and Occam's razors apply.

Matthew W said...

Good golly y'all !!
If there were multiple shooters, I would expect fewer gaps in shooting and more OVERLAP. Also, the different sound of the shooting may just be the different angle of the shooting, and where the cab is.
A lot of unanswered questions but the conspiracy theories don't help anyone.

The Old Man said...

Where is the brass? If the shooter fired all of the rounds that impacted the crowd, where is the brass?
Has anyone seen a breakdown of bullet vs. crowd stampeding injuries/deaths? That will tell us a helluva lot about the incident that is now obscured.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like echoes. Note that the deeper sounding gunfire is after the higher pitched gunfire, and sounds muffled and significantly farther away as echoes often do.

Anonymous said...

Note that echoes are very common in urban areas with lots of tall buildings.

Roger from VA said...

Without question, there are overlapping gun reports of different durations. At 4:58 of the video, muzzles flashes can be seen on the 4th or 5th floor. These flashes match one of the bursts of gunfire.

Anonymous said...

I saw the video and thought that the flashes were synchronized with sound of the shots and speculated how this could be without the windows being broker or gone. There are party strobes that flash with louder peaks of music. One report I heard said the police had said that is what was. In the absence of the windows being broke or missing on either the 4th or 10th as witness may have claim. It appears that it was a party strobe light.