Friday, November 27, 2020

INFOGRAPHIC: Michigan's Bombshell Allegations of Rampant Vote Fraud

Thanks to our magnificent Constitution, the various state legislatures have complete control of the electoral process. Not judges, not unelected bureaucrats, and not the "media" (also see: an infographic on Georgia's provable vote fraud issues). Thanks to Sidney Powell and her team, please note the following, massive vote fraud likely perpetrated in Michigan.

Related: an infographic on Georgia's provable vote fraud issues. Hat tips:, Mark Levin and


elmo said...

Creepy filth, scum. Insects, bugs.

Why, yes, I do feel better.

And our CTO's (creepfilth tech overlords)?

Will burn in the hottest ring of hell. A special place, reserved for deranged fascist lunatics.

And I'm being polite!

Anonymous said...

Brings to life the phrase “enemies, foreign and domestic” in a way I never thought could be possible.


Tim said...

It's a crying shame most of us are too civilized to exact justice from these scum sucking POS.

Anonymous said...

I learned a long time ago you have to fight your opponent on the ground he selects. And the Left lives in sewers, and only the weak in spirit and mind are too civilized too fight on the left's terms. As for myself we either fight or accept the terms of slavery.

I will not accept slavery, will not negotiate with cancer, will not tolerate AIDS as a moral equivalent, nor will I deal with leprosy no matter what the marxists term their policies.

SabaShimon said...

What elmo said....

The Gipper Lives said...

The Constitution guarantees to every state and citizen a republican form of government. But a government chosen by Dominion Election Cheatware and ballots dumped out of the back of Al Franken's Buick after midnight is not a representative government. It is a Potemkin Storefront illusion of a republican government, a tyrannical fraud sealed with a smiley-face "I Voted!"-sticker.

This Court is headed for a Dred Scot Moment in History.

They will soon choose between affirming the slavery of stolen Consent and plunging this nation into Civil War, or affirming the Right of Free People to Honestly Choose their own Destiny.

At least the Justices get to vote without some corrupt scumbag Democrats and RINOS stuffing the ballot box after midnight in a stunning 34-5 upset decision.

Must be nice.

We have that Right, too. And we will never cede it to the Obama Crime Family and their gangsters.


Roberta Teller said...

This site is a riot! So much BS, conjecture, and racist hatred. And if you're so much a fan of the U.S. Constitution, why do you blatantly ignore the Establishment Clause and separation of Church and State?

directorblue said...

Yo, Roberta: we have hundreds of affidavits (and plenty of pictures) of the fraud.

And doesn't locking poll watchers out of the big blue cities in battleground states simply scream "free and fair election"?

mtman2 said...

EXACTY = for WE will not comply...!!!

mtman2 said...

If you can read then you will find it is not there;
HOWEVER - part 1 + 2 of the 6 part First Amendment in the Bill of Rights is clear so READ IT + PONDER THEM...!

Anonymous said...

If they burn before they go to hell, it could serve as an example of consequences for those who are still here.