Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Larwyn’s Linx: Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath

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 • Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Project Veritas
 • One Year Ago, Big Tech Declared Open War On America. Here’s What’s Next Christopher Bedford
 • Mass Formation: Deployed on You After Over 200 Years of Study Robert W Malone
 • Justice Sotomayor phones it in Examiner
 • Former NYPD Commissioner Criticizes New Manhattan DA Over Soros Ties Chris Brunet
 • It’s Illegal, Immoral, and Unconstitutional to Prioritize Treatments Based on Race Signal
 • Outstanding Summary of the Dangers We Face M. Dowling
 • The vax opinion I want Don Surber
 • CRT Program Teaches Disabled Preschoolers That ‘Whiteness Affects Everything’ Kendall Tietz


 • Polling: Inflation and Economy Now the Number One Concern CTH
 • Getting Tougher for Dems to Downplay the Impact of the Supply Crisis Hannity
 • Dangerous Trucker Problem Coming M. Dowling

Scandal Central

 • And Now We turn Our Attention to Seizing States' Control of Elections & Nullifying Your Vote Diogenes
 • EcoHealth Alliance wanted to block disclosure of Covid-19-relevant virus data from China USTRK
 • Illegitimate Jan. 6 “committee” at crossroads as Republican members refuse to aid inquiry Emily Brooks


 • NYT Reporter Can’t Handle The Truth About Media Imbalance: J6 vs. Shoot-Up Of Republican Baseball Game LI
 • Disgraced Loser Andrew McCabe Calls For Feds To Treat ‘Mainstream’ Conservatives Like Terrorists Evita Duffy
 • Prominent ‘Fact Checker’ Gets Fact-Checked by Reality Mike Howell
 • Naomi Wolf: The Hysteria Is Not Genuine, It’s A Strategy WarRoom
 • Facebook Censors Pro-American Children’s Books as ‘Disruptive Content’ Douglas Blair
 • Nets Ignore Hunter Biden's 'Close Friend' Being Charged With Treason Kevin Tober


 • China’s locked down city thrown into chaos after Covid app crash Times of India
 • China meeting Gulf, Iran, Turkey foreign ministers in quick order Reuters
 • North Korea fires possible missile into sea amid stalled talks Times

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

 • CDC director: study of the vaccinated show 75% of COVID-19 deaths 'had four or more comorbidities' Asher Notheis
 • Pfizer CEO Now Admits Two Dose Vaccine Offers No Protection Against Infection or Severe Disease CTH
 • Everything But the Kitchen Sink Gates of Vienna


 • Skipism Tuesday ~ Part 1 Woodsterman
 • The Votes Are In: 2021 ASSHAT OF THE YEAR AWARD Diogenes
 • Taco Tuesday. It’s a Shoot-Out MOTUS

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