Saturday, August 09, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: You Want Nazis?

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You Want Nazis?: Mark Steyn
The Rebirth of Evil: Liberty's Torch
Warmonger Elizabeth Warren Supports Obama’s Air Strikes in Iraq: Glob

Sure Why Not: HHS Emails Are, Get This, Missing: Ace
Obama's War: Jon Gabriel
Voter ID Laws Winning, Obama and Holder Losing: Publius

The Bill Comes Due for a Decade of ‘Nuance’: Ed Driscoll
Lined Up and Executed: Horrific new photographs of ISIS atrocities: Daily Mail
Obama a Few Weeks Ago: “World Is Less Violent Than It Has Ever Been”: WZ

The Man Who Wouldn’t Be King: Kevin D. Williamson
50 Things Barack Obama Has Done Wrong: John Hawkins
Cory Booker’s amateurish, maybe homophobic, campaign staff: Moe Lane


Oops: In '09, Obama told Delphi to avoid taxes via corporate inversion: CFP
Argentina’s Default: A Devastating Lesson in Unfunded Govt. Liabilities: RWN
‘Michelle Obama has gone too far': Twitchy

Scandal Central

Federal Court Smacks Down Eric Holder’s Attack on NC Voter ID: Adams
20+ Obama Officials Lost/Destroyed Emails After Probes: S&L
HHS: Hey, some of our e-mails Congress wants are missing too: Hot Air

Climate & Energy

Population Controllers Call Babies "Carbon Legacies," a Threat to the Environment: LifeNews
Coal Miner Gives Heartfelt Testimony Regarding Obama’s EPA Policies: Hideout
Kerry: Starving Africa Shouldn’t Build More Farms Because It Would Contribute to Global Warming: IJR


Networks Avoid Scandal-Plagued Democratic Senator Exiting the Race: MRC
Polls: Americans Have Had Enough: MB
#ISIS Hashtag Triggers #ObamaForeignPolicyInThreeWords Contest: MOTUS

Guess who attempts to clear up Obama's flip-flops: Norman Hooben
Krauthammer: “The President Is The Problem": Nice Deb
Gawker: Racist App Helps You Avoid Dangerous Areas: S&L


ISIS Sweeps The Middle East In A Method Reminiscent Of Genghis Khan: NoisyRm
Wipe ISIS Out. All of Them: Jawa
Yazidis Throw Children Off Mountaintop to Keep Them From ISIS: Sara Noble

6 Ugly Signs of Resurgent Worldwide Antisemitism: Robert Spencer
Hamas Executes One of Its Leaders - Then Blames Israel: Gatestone
Gut-Wrenching Picture Shows Yazidi Children Dying On Mountain Surrounded By Jihadists: WZ

The black flag of ISIS is flying in London: Spectator
Anti-Semitism in Britain makes me feel ashamed: Spectator
Dutch Jewish Advocate: Rising Anti-Semitism a "Crisis": IPT

Islamic State jihadists remove crosses from churches, burn manuscripts: Robert Spencer
Why Obama's campaign in Iraq could require 15,000 troops: NavyTimes
BREAKING: ISIS Captures ‘Hundreds’ of Yazidi Women: Tatler

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Steve Jobs was 'central figure' in Silicon Valley hiring case, judge says: CompWorld
Apple will reveal its wrist gadget next month, says Apple watcher John Gruber: Verge
Meet the most insanely authentic flight sims ever: Battle of Stalingrad and Ilya Muromets: PC World


THE LAST WORD: Suffering and devotion under the Khmer Rouge: AP
Reagan aide Jim Brady's death ruled homicide: Times-Union
Tom Steyer, Billionaire Climate Hero: A.F. Branco

Image: Another day, another ISIS crucifixion
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Defeat the Obamacare Six

QOTD: "Argentina’s central planners have pursued a slew of defunct monetary policies of the Keynesian, Monetarist and Mercantilist variety. Repeated default is the fruit of that labor.

Today, spendthrift governments who betray the trust of their creditors are the new normal. Over-indebtedness followed by default is becoming commonplace. It has been creeping up in the US, from Detroit to Jefferson County, and soon perhaps the entire Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (a US territory).

In a free world, no one in their right mind would give their hard-earned capital to Western governments. Sadly, we do not live in a free world. There is not a free market for money or credit in Argentina or the US. Guided by unfair laws and insidious regulations, people continue to entrust their wealth to institutions that are actively betraying them – promising to pay out in worthless, devalued paper." --Dickson Buchanan

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