Sunday, March 22, 2020

Larwyn’s Linx: New York Wouldn't Spend $500 Million on Ventilators, Prioritized $500 Million for Illegals Instead

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NY Wouldn't Spend $500 Million on Ventilators, Prioritized it for Illegals Instead: Greenfield
Some thoughts on COVID-19: Fusilli Spock
Coronavirus Squeezing Finances of Mexico’s Criminal Groups: Chris Dalby

How some countries are beating back the coronavirus: Helen Branswell
We'll Be Alright, and then We Must Reckon with Communist China: Bryan Preston
Kansas and Missouri Officials Dictate “Stay Home” Order for 30 Days: CTH

The Chosen One Rises: CTH
It’s Time We Stand Together: Liberty Speaks
Americans Rejecting Hysterical Criticism of Trump: Rick Moran

Why Does Joe Biden Continue to Spread Chinese Communist Propaganda?: RS
New best friends: Trump and arch-foes Cuomo, Newsom bond in coronavirus crisis: JTN
US Farmers Weather Global Economic Storm of COVID-19: VOA


A fiasco in the making? As pandemic widens, we are making decisions without reliable data.: John P.A. Ioannidis
States Can't Shut Down Non-Essential Businesses Without Harming Essential Ones: Reason
Italy Shuts Down Almost All Industrial Production for 15 Days: Alessandro Speciale

Scandal Central

James Rosen Drops Bombshell Report That the CDC ‘Lied’ to the White House About Wuhan Virus Testing: RS
Putin Sides With China and U.S. Media in War of Words With the U.S. Over COVID-19 Origins: Rick Moran
State “Stay at Home” Orders Expand: Nothing Grabs Your Attention Like a Convoy of Humvees: CTH

Not forgotten: Devin Nunes exploring 'legal remedies' after Adam Schiff released phone records: Daniel Chaitin
China's coronavirus recovery is 'all fake,' whistleblowers and residents claim: Kathryn Krawczyk
Bombshell accusations say the WHO ignored key coronavirus warning, relied on Chinese propaganda: Chris Enloe


White House Press Continues to Humiliate Itself During Pandemic: Roger L. Simon
ABC's Cecilia Vega implies Trump 'Chinese virus' references incite racial harassment: JTN
WaPo’s Glenn Kessler ‘Fact Checks’ Dr. Fauci on Italy Open Borders Claim … and Gets It Wrong: RS

'You... truly suck!': Trump Jr. rips article suggesting president is pushing deadly drug to fight virus: Andrew Mark Miller
Zogby: Trump, like FDR, ‘has risen’ to the challenge: Paul Bedard
Read this and then decide which administration truly threatened press freedom: Becket Adams (2018)


A plea from doctors in Italy: To avoid Covid-19 disaster, treat more patients at home: Sharon Begley
Doctors in Russia accuse Putin of covering up coronavirus outbreak, denying them protective gear: Irina Titova
Canada: Planning for 'worst-case scenario' by expanding desperately needed ventilators: Ottawa Citizen

US needs to stop funding Xi’s global ambitions: Grant Newsham
Taiwan plans to donate 100,000 hospital masks to US per week: Joel Gehrke
'Dying from starvation or infection': Trump writes Kim Jong Un about virus as NoKo fires rockets: Joel Gehrke

‘Chernobyl moment’ or Chinese ascendancy?: Spengler
Hong Kong faces ‘third wave’ of pandemic: Jeff Pao
Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over 60: JPost

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A new self-triage tool can help you decide if you need medical care for Covid-19: StatNews
French study finds anti-malarial and antibiotic combo could reduce COVID-19 duration: Darrell Etherington
FDA approves new coronavirus test that can diagnose within hours: John Solomon


Pat Condell: “The Chinese Communist Party is directly responsible for every death from the virus.”: Digest
A Mom From A Small Ohio Town Is Recovering From The Coronavirus. She Wants Everyone To Know What It Is Really Like.: Tanya Chen
Nobody Knows Nuthin’– Black Swan Edition: MOTUS


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