Thursday, November 23, 2023

Congress Must Investigate Antony Blinken, The Great Traitor

By Mark Levin

Antony Blinken is a despicable con who is organizing Arab and European countries and the U.N. around the backs of our Congress and Israel to carve up Israel and gift the Palestinians massive swaths of Israel’s country, including Judea and Samaria. That’s his response for the Palestinians’ murderous slaughter of Israelis!

Blinken is using Israel’s need for weapons to threaten and blackmail Israel diplomatically and impose his policies and will. Utterly contemptible. This is not how foreign policy is conducted — as a weapon against our great ally in the middle of a war.

Blinken’s driving the Obama-Thomas Friedman agenda, continuing to rearm Iran, prop up the PLO, sabotage Israel’s war effort, and deceive the American people. Blinken is a dangerous ideologue and stupid man as John McCain warned years ago. He is obsessed and unrestrained. He was also the architect of the disastrous and deadly surrender in Afghanistan, but has no capacity for circumspection or recalculation. He’s a committed ideologue.

Blinken is an American Marxist who appointed an Iranian-supporting stooge and longtime friend to negotiate with Iran, and who is now under federal investigation and lost his classified clearance. Indeed, the fact that they introduced an Iranian spy ring into our government is either underreported or totally ignored. It makes the Alger Hiss case look like small potatoes. It’s no surprise that there is no plan or actual effort to stop Iran from finishing its nuclear missile project. This is the greatest scandal of our times with unimaginable ramifications.

Yet again, I’m calling on congressional Republicans and any patriots with a platform and voice to speak out and demand answers and accountability.

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  1. Levi-hater5:07 PM

    You're a good liar.

    1. Anonymous5:19 PM

      Sounds like you suffer from the White Guilt Syndrome.

  2. Congress can't impeach Myorkas, I think Blinkin is safe, no matter what he does.

  3. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Great article from a patriot of our country

  4. Israel-Hamas War LIVE: Israeli army video said to show the destruction of Hamas tunnels in Gaza

  5. Anonymous9:51 PM

    You misspelled "execute."

  6. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Why are we arming Iran and giving them all this money , this administration is full of treasonous P’sOS

  7. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Blinken reminds me a lot of the Grizzly Man guy who spent numerous summers living near grizzly bears in Alaska. Until one of them ate him and his girlfriend.

    Facts don’t matter to this type of person.

    Another example more recently — the guy who owned that TITAN mini-sub. Got himself and several others killed. So self-assured. So wealthy. So dangerous.

  8. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Sure Mark, sure. You're talking about the Republicucks.

    What happened with:

    Fast & Furious
    IRS Targeting


    1. Anonymous10:16 PM

      Levin is a bag of air. He has no values or actual spiritual stance. Just getting paid.

  9. Well, the Benghazi investigation did unravel the entire Russian Collusion Hoax, though it took years...

    Timeline of Treason

  10. I would not hold my breath expecting spineless, emasculated, cowardly congressional Republicans to do anything that benefits America.

  11. Anonymous1:32 PM

    The problem of this article is he forgets to mention Blinken is a Jew.

    1. Anonymous11:43 AM

      And so is George Soros

  12. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Regardless of what religion Blinken may be, he is a fool.

    He believes that his intentions are so noble that he is above Judaism, above Christianity, above all deities.

    He believes that his lies and his crimes and his policy errors are consequence-free because his motives are so pure.

    But in fact Blinken is in way over his head.

    Blinken is a frightened teenaged boy playing a man’s game.

    Such harm he has already done.

    Such harm he is going to do in the weeks and months ahead.