Wednesday, March 06, 2013

GUN CONTROL INDEED: Police Discover Perp Had Loaded Revolver in Her, Eh, Lady Garden

Uhm, impressive.

Handgun was found inside Oklahoman during strip search

An Oklahoma woman arrested Monday on drug charges had a loaded handgun hidden in her [panini], according to police.

The weapon was discovered during a search of Christie Dawn Harris, 28, by a female officer with the Ada Police Department. According to a police report, the cop spotted the handle of the five-shot revolver "sticking out from" inside Harris, who is seen at right.

In a less shocking find, investigators also discovered plastic baggies containing methamphetamine lodged in the crack of Harris’s buttocks.

The Freedom Arms .22-caliber handgun was loaded with three live rounds and one spent shell, cops reported. As to where the weapon was recovered, the police report noted, “gun located in suspect's [clam cracker].”

At around 3:45 AM Monday, cops spotted Harris and another woman, Jennifer Delancy, inside a vehicle parked outside a closed restaurant. The women were in the front of the vehicle and “both seats were laid all the way back.” Asked by a cop if the car contained weapons or drugs, Harris, who was behind the wheel, answered that “she did not think there was anything.”

But when a drug dog alerted to both the driver and passenger sides of the Toyota Yaris, cops searched the vehicle and found meth, drug paraphernalia, a pistol, and a loaded magazine. Harris and Delancy were then arrested... While being transported to jail, Harris “stated several times that she needed to go to the bathroom.”

At the lockup, Harris was directed to change out of her clothes into “jail clothing.” When directed to lower her underwear so that a female cop could check for contraband, Harris “advised that she was on her period and did not want to.”

Harris eventually complied with the cop’s order. “I observed at that time a wooden and metal item sticking out from her [mossy patch] area,” reported Officer Kathy Unbewust, who added that she “pulled the item from her [meat locker], and found it to be a 5 shot revolver with rounds in the chamber.”

As seen above, the police report includes a photo of the handgun seized from Harris, who is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon on felony weapons and narcotics charges.

Now that's what you call concealed carry.


  1. james a garfield8:54 PM

    Imagine that,there are people so weird that they take the job of looking in someone else's body for contraband.Imagine the kind of sleaze that takes that job.

  2. james a garfield said...

    Be nice to the TSA

  3. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Clam Cracker, Meat Locker, Mossy Patch and Lady Garden... oh my, happiness is a warm gun.

  4. Anonymous1:04 AM

    The FA22 is no longer produced and it is a highly desireable piece in mint cdondition.
    This is the first time I ever heard of a girl carrying one in the crab wagon. It usually came mounted on a belt buckle, maybe they missed that.

  5. Anonymous8:50 AM

    Wait a minute! Do I understand correctly that they can sic a drug dog on you for sitting in a parked car? THAT is the outrage here.


    1. Yes it is a outrage. And the sheep just stand and watch. The war on (some) drugs has wasted billions of dollars and caused uncountable deaths.