Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Larwyn's Linx: The Biggest Scandal in American History is Unfolding

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The Biggest Scandal in American History is Unfolding: Dan Bongino
Political Battle Over Dossiers, FISA and Surveillance Clouds A Much Bigger Story: CTH
"Congressional investigators are still trying to determine what the “CF article” is: CTH

Sen. Feinstein Releases Transcript of Glenn Simpson Fusion-GPS Testimony: CTH
Author of Trump dossier told FBI had a 'source' inside Trump campaign: Kelly Cohen
Fusion GPS: 'Somebody's already been killed' over Trump dossier: Kelly Cohen

Levin: Rogue lawmakers are fighting for amnesty ‘under the cover of darkness’: CR
The Latest: Trump again links DACA deal to border wall: Times
The (Grand Old) Party Ain’t Over: Rob Schwarzwalder

Yale Professor:Trump Should Be Locked in Loony Bin to Save Human Race: Dave Blount
The Madness of the Anti-Trump Shrinks: Daniel Greenfield
San Jose Police Fatally Shoot Intruder Armed With Ax at PG&E Substation: LegitGov


California’s Plan To Dodge Tax Reform Is A Shell Game: Jazz Shaw
Standing Ovation as Trump Touts End of Death Tax: ‘Keep Your Farms in the Family’: Breitbart

Scandal Central

The Clintons — At the End of All Things: Victor Davis Hanson
Judge Napolitano warns President Trump about Mueller's Trap: Thomas Lifson
Identity of CIA Official Found on Anthony Weiner’s Laptop by FBI: GWP

Tucker: Google Is The 'Greatest Threat' To Free Speech In America: InfLib
Feinstein Unilaterally Posts Full Testimony Of Fusion GPS Founder, Grassley Furious: ZH
How Hillary's FBI Allies Undermined Trump Before the Election: Daniel Greenfield

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Massive 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes in the Caribbean: DailyMail


Was David Ignatius an unwitting dupe of a malicious leaker or was he in on the plot?: Stealth Jeff
The President’s Extraordinary Televised Immigration Meeting: EIB
Walls, BIG guns, military vehicles protect Hollywood elites at Golden Globes: Kyle Olson

CNN Has Lost It: Elizabeth Harrington
Coulter: 'Nothing Michael Wolff Could Say About Trump Has Hurt Him as Much as DACA LoveFest': Breitbart
Obama Presidential Center Panned as ‘Socially Regressive’: Rachel Frommer


How to Successfully Stop Illegal Immigration: Follow Israel’s Model: Breitbart
France's War against Firefighters and Police: Yves Mamou
State Dept Waited a Year to Investigate Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in Cuba: Susan Crabtree

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A secret military spy satellite is MIA after SpaceX mission – here's what we know: AMN
Google Fired Conservative for Questioning Muslim's Anti-Trump Rant: Daniel Greenfield
CoffeeMiner project lets you hack public Wi-Fi to mine cryptocoins: Sophos


Gwyneth Paltrow’s Coffee Enema: Dave Blount
The Tattooist of Auschwitz - and his secret love: Ritu Prasad
Trump lawyer sues BuzzFeed, Fusion GPS for defamation over dossier: The Hill

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commoncents said...

Watch President Trump’s meeting with Republicans and Democrats on immigration

Anonymous said...

Millonaire Obama's Libary bears all the marks of a Muslim watch tower. "Four hands" grabbing your ass for your wallet while making a religious statement. Will we ever be rid of this man?