Sunday, January 01, 2017

HERE THEY ARE: The 2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners #Fab50

The moment you've been waiting for is here.

The votes are in. The anxious nominees' fingernails have been chewed down to the quick.

Winner - 2016 Fabulous 50 Blog AwardsAnd at least one blogger just excused himself to go to the bathroom (number two, apparently, based upon the length of time he's been gone).

So we're more than pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Awards, the most prestigious new media awards in the conservative blogosphere.

Or, at the very least, in the 993 area code.

These awards recognize a variety of blogs and websites operating in the conservative hemisphere of the Internet, all of which have worked tirelessly to promote conservatism, free market capitalism, fiscal sanity, the sovereignty of the individual, and otherwise protect America from the cockroach-like Statists -- some in very unique ways.

So, without further ado, may I have the envelopes, please?

Blog of the Year
The Conservative Treehouse: In short, The Last Refuge saw the appeal of Trump national populism first, understood that conventional candidates (even the likes of Ted Cruz) would be seen as Beltway insiders, and that the country was ready for something new. It became the rallying point for Trump supporters and fought long and hard for its vision of a candidate who would end up breaking all the rules. For its impressive thought leadership and prescience, The Last Refuge wins our Blog of the Year award.

Most Influential
The Drudge Report: If the 2016 election proves anything, it's that legacy media has been surpassed by new media. Traditional media outlets have allowed themselves to become the voice of Washington's uniparty; an echo chamber of failed, big government ideas. There should be no debate that these once-powerful bastions of print and broadcast -- which employ 96% Leftist Democrats -- have been deemed completely irrelevant by normal Americans, who turn to thought leaders like Matt Drudge on a scale that seems almost too immense to believe (a billion page views a month?). Goodbye, old media. And good riddance.

Breitbart: No site was more unfairly tarnished in 2016 than Breitbart. Speaking of #FakeNews, this valuable news and opinion site was fraudulently described as a "White Nationalist" website by hysterical haters. Were such a claim true, it would be an historic first, given its roster of Black and Jewish contributors.

Gateway Pundit: Like The Last Refuge, Jim Hoft and company saw the unique appeal of Donald Trump well ahead of the curve. His site caught fire thanks to timely revelations during the campaign. If I have one complaint about the site, it's the ads that actually interfere with perusing the content. I suspect that its readership would even be higher if it were a tad easier to navigate the ads.

The Z Blog: One of the more thoughtful, insightful and (truly) wise blogs operating today, Z reminds me of the old "Doc Zero" (John Hayward). Z has a unique ability to map historical events to a current context, providing education and insight to a growing readership.

Least Influential (i.e., The Biggest Losers of 2016)
Ignoring their one-sided political goose-stepping for a moment, these sites actually made incredibly poor business decisions over the course of the last year. They completely missed, then ignored, a vast readership that was desperately seeking a candidate untarnished by the poisonous corruption currently infecting both parties in Washington.

National Review : For the high crime of gently mocking Kevin D. Williamson, Biff Spackle and Doug Ross were both blocked by the magnanimous #NeverTrumper. Talk about an overinflated sense of self. NRO's "Against Trump" issue was ridiculous on its face; the President-Elect's cabinet selections -- arguably more conservative than anything the NRO could have dreamed up -- just make it even more ironic.

RedState: I never fully grokked Erick Erickson's repudiation of Donald Trump. The alternative was Hillary Clinton, who believes that a baby's life can be snuffed out literally one second before birth. Sure Trump is rough around the edges and may not be anyone's idea of a pious individual. Still, do you side with the devil instead? Suffice it to say that Erickson chose... poorly.

The Weekly Standard: The geriatric leaders of the WS saw their waning influence continue to plummet in 2016. The very epitome of Beltway insiders, Kristol and Barnes are more concerned with the cocktail circuit than what Americans in flyover country actually think. Disconnected, detached, and irrelevant should be this dying magazine's slogan.

Video of the Year

Best Columnist
Daniel Greenfield: A repeat winner, Greenfield is simply one of the best there is in all genres of reporting and commentary.

Blog posts of the year

The Single Dumbest Blog Post of the Year Award

The Matthew Yglesias Award for the World's Dumbest Op-Ed
Paul Krugman, for his hilarious meltdown, claiming the U.S. is becoming either Nazi Germany or the Roman Republic, because Trump.

Text Message of the Year
Anthony Weiner, for his serial sexting that triggered the reopening of the FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's illegal email server. Who'd have guessed a pervert would have such a big impact on a presidential election? I mean, not including Bill Clinton.

Best Bloggers in a Group Blog
Ed Morrissey and John Sexton of Hot Air: The prolific Morrissey and rookie Hot Air blogger Sexton bring a wealth of experience, a balanced perspective, and -- most importantl -- a far less angry tone than many (I mean, me). Both have been cranking out fast, insightful commentary for years; the combination -- along with other stalwarts like Jazz Shaw -- make Hot Air one of the go-to sites for conservatives.
Rachel Stockman and Chris White of LawNewz: As part of the liberal-leaning Mediaite family, LawNewz is often a mouthpiece for leftist PR efforts. However, Stockman and White are refreshing exceptions, giving normal folks reasons to visit the site.
John Hinderaker of Power Line: There's are many reasons that Power Line remains so popular after all these years; and Hinderaker may be the most important of those reasons.

Best Group Blog
Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds, Ed Driscoll, Stephen Green, Austin Bay, and many other fine contributors continue to provide valuable service to the entire blogosphere.

Best Op-Ed Blog
American Thinker: Thomas Lifson has continued to build an impressive roster of top-notch and thought-provoking contributors.
FrontpageMag: Remains one of the most important policy sites operating today.

Best Blogging Platform
Right Wing News: John Hawkins' site combines syndicated columnists, established bloggers, and high-potentials that represent a wide spectrum of conservative thought leadership and pure entertainment.

Best Blog Portal
BadBlue: Yes, I'm cheating by naming this site to the list, but I read it every day and you should too. It's the only conservative news portal operating without any human editors, using algorithms to level the playing field between small blogs and large sites. I routinely find stories on BadBlue that I don't see anywhere else.

Best Public Policy Blog
The Daily Signal: The Heritage Foundation's blog is consistently excellent, providing an encyclopedic reference of free market success stories and the endless failures of socialism/progressivism.

Best News Aggregation Blog
Weasel Zippers: Still one of the finest conservative news aggregators, operating at warp speed and sourced from around the globe

Best Grassroots Blog
Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm: Person's LinkSwarms extract pure wheat from chaff.
DaTechGuy: DTG continues to evolve its group-blogging platform and Alexa indicates its popularity has trended up significantly over the last several months.
Flopping Aces: Dr. John and company continue to bring the right kind of thinking to the table.
Independent Sentinel: Sara Noble is relentless and always right.
Jammie Wearing Fool: Entertaining, indefatigable and caustic commentaries that always cut to the chase.
Lid Blog: Jeff Dunetz brings it day in and day out, with quality writing and curation of the key stories of the day.
Moonbattery: Dave Blount continues to deliver one of the best independent political blogs running today.
Noisy Room: A contributor at Right Wing News, Terresa Monroe-Hamilton is a dogged defender of truth, justice and the American way.
Publius Forum: Warner Todd Huston is a prolific, quality writer who seems to have a presence at all of the major center-right sites.
VictoryGirls: Ladies second, patriots first.

The Daniel Simpson Day Award for Superior Blogging and Skulduggery
Ace of Spades : Continues to bring the funny; and the Extraordinary League of Morons' comments are like butta. Or K-Y. Some kind of magical, velvet-like lube, anyhow.

Best Econ Blog
Doctor Housing Bubble: No one on the planet is doing a better job dissecting the insanities of real estate, especially in Cali.
The Burning Platform: The math always beats the politics and Jim Quinn is never afraid to speak truth to power.
The Economic Collapse Blog: To be sure, Michael Snyder is no one's idea of a laugh-a-minute Jim Gaffigan clone, but his listicles are always must-reads and studded with valuable insights.
Zero Hedge: Chock full of analysis, doom-and-gloom, and rip-roaring commentary ripped from the headlines on a near real-time basis.

Most Valuable Twitter Feed
Mike Cernovich: a one-man meme machine, he literally wrote the playbook on personal brand marketing.
Milo Yiannopoulos: nothing ticks off the left like using their own tactics against them. And Milo's the master.
James Woods: the accomplished actor is a savage political commentator. I'm glad he's on our side.

Best Talk Radio Host Website
The Rush Limbaugh Show for best show transcripts.
The Mark Levin Show for best show podcasts.

Best Investigative Reporter
Sharyl Attkisson: Fearless -- and feared by those who have something to hide.

Best Investigative Reporting
Judicial Watch: Still the investigative champ, running circles around the Republican "oversight" leadership in both chambers.
Project Veritas: What 60 Minutes once was

Best National Security Correspondent
Adam Kredo of the Washington Free Beacon runs circles around most of his competitors.
Bill Gertz, also of the Washington Free Beacon; the dude is wired into all the right places.

Mea Culpa of the Year
Eli Lake of Bloomberg View, who public apologized for defending Obama to his pro-Israel friends.

Best Anti-Corruption Blog
True the Vote: A monumentally important and patriotic project. The best grass-roots investigation platform operating today.

Best Intelligence Blogger
The XX Committee: Longtime intelligence professional John R. Shindler is always a must-read, whether you agree with him or not.

Best Middle East Blogger
Elder of Ziyon: News and commentary straight from the heart of Israel.
Gatestone Institute: A tireless defender of Western civilization.
Israelly Cool: A panoply of news involving Israel, the Middle East, and the West.
MEMRI: An awesome and under-leveraged source of translated news stories that provide real insight into the sickness infecting much of the Middle East.
The Tower: An invaluable view of politics, diplomacy, war and peace centered around Israel.

Best Newspaper
Daily Caller: TheDC and TheDCNF are excellent sources of real news stories that old media continues to try to censor.
Free Beacon: Excellent, entertaining reporting on the Beltway and beyond.
Washington Examiner: Unparalleled coverage of world events, centered in DC and rippling outward into the hinterlands.

Best Legal Writer
Andrew C. McCarthy: As dogged a defender of the Constitution as he was when acting as a federal prosecutor; an invaluable truth-teller

Best Blog on Gender and Society
Robert Stacy McCain, The Other McCain: continues his sharp, effective commentary that exposes the insanity of the modern Left. McCain joins Milo in the exclusive club of those voices that Twitter decided to censor in its relentless attacks on free speech.

Best Firearms Blogger
Bob Owens: Always relevant and timely summaries of the current state of firearms, political posturing, and cold, hard reality.
John R. Lott, for his work at A world-renowned economist destroys the repeated lies and failures of gun control advocates head on.
WeaponsMan: Weapons and much more.

Best Latin American Coverage
Babalú Blog: Dedicated to exposing the bloody dictatorship in Cuba and the American Left's support of it.
Fausta's Blog: The single best news portal to catch the key events occurring in Latin America.

The Geert Wilders Award for Best Anti-Jihad Blog
Creeping Sharia: Documenting the uncomfortable truths that the Democrats and Leftist Media seek to conceal from the American public.
Gates of Vienna: Global news, often from grassroots journalists, documenting the true nature of an ideology rooted in world domination.
JihadWatch: An unwavering chronicler of the war against Western civilization.
Vlad Tepes: Bringing unique and global insights to the world's oldest war.

Best Citizen Journalist
@GOPPollAnalyst for her #StoneTear scoop related to Hillary Clinton's illegal email server.

The Ronald Reagan Award for Best Anti-Communism Blog A one-man juggernaut following in Reagan's footsteps

Best Political Cartoonist
Chris Muir, Day By Day: Dazzling, sexy and startling.
Michael Ramirez: No contest; pound-for-pound the finest political cartoonist in the world.

Best Illustrated Satire
Hopenchangecartoons: Illustrator and humorist Stilton Jarlsberg is a dead-eyed talent who will make a great pickup by one of the major sites.
Diogenes Sarcastica: The name says it all.
The People's Cube: Officially sanctioned news, straight from the Karl Marx Treatment Center.

Best First Lady Blog
Michelle's Mirror (MOTUS): Inquiring minds want to know: will the mirror reflect Melania's visage?

Best Media Watchdog
NewsBusters: The ultimate reference site for diagnosing media falsehoods and omissions.

Best Video Aggregator
The Right Scoop: Top-notch, sweeping coverage of the real media.

The Salvador Dali Award for Most Creative Blogging
American Digest: The Internet's free general store.
Curmudgeonly & Skeptical: Savagely funny.
Sondrakistan: Always a unique take on current events.

Best Security Blogger
Krebs on Security: Brian Krebs is literally making security news, not simply reporting it.
Schneier: Bruce Schneier is the Godfather of modern cryptography and information security practices in general.

Best Climate Blog
Climate Audit: Steve McIntyre's site is unsettling the science on a daily basis.
The Pirate's Cove: The layman's favorite climate news portal.
Watts Up With That: Still the world's leading website for climate coverage.

Sites That Should Be Daily Reads But the Ads Have Left Me Shell-Shocked
I know it's tough to monetize blogging; hell, I'm probably the worst at raising revenue from traffic in the game. But with all love and respect, I'd like to visit the following sites more often, but the ads have given me PTSD. Please consider making your site easier to peruse without popups, flyovers, dropdowns, zoom-ins, et. al.
The Geller Report
Washington Times

Humiliation of the Year
Alan Dershowitz: The influential law professor and author who -- despite a plethora of warning signs -- supported Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. After Obama's final, savage poke at Israel at the United Nations in December of 2016, Dershowitz wrote a scathing critique of the lame duck president's shocking actions. It wasn't enough that Obama marinated in the anti-American, anti-semitic screeds of Jeremiah Wright for two decades; nor was it enough that Obama jumped in bed with terror leaders associated with the PLO (Rashid Khalidi), the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hamas CAIR.

Dershowitz owes all of those who warned him an apology. But don't hold your breath. The Leftism gene appears to be dominant within the professor's conflicted brain, thereby superceding logic, history, reason and wisdom.

Well, that's it for now, folks.

Who'd we miss?

Add your favorite sites to the comments section and we'll see what we can do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Okay, I won. Where do I get my damn award badges?
A: Right here. If you have questions about installing your badge, ask 'em in the comments.

Q: *Sob*. I didn't win. Can I use one of the badges anyhow?
A: Yes, we've included a spiffy new LOSER badge just for you.

Q: You suck -- I didn't win.
A: That's not a question.

Q: Where are the previous Fabulous 50 Award Winners listed?
A: The prior awards are listed here:
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vanderleun said...

"I am not worthy! I am not worthy!"

[Please send the money in a stained paper sack and leave under the sixth bench on the left near the Carousel.]

Diogenes Sarcastica™ said...

Thank You Mr. Ross. I see you have again loss touch with reality and recognized my little project. ;) Thank You Very Much!

Anonymous said...

Scared to mention Infowars and Alex Jones? The man is a force and needs to be acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

I also enjoyed reading Scott Adams Blog this year.

Joan of Argghh! said...

Richard Fernandez! Wretchard! His writing is the most inspiring, his ability to put an arrow through the bullseye is peerless. I follow him on FB now because he uses it as his hash-out page.

Omri Ceren @cerneomri is one of the best Foreign Policy tweeters out there and he finished up the year with a fine, tasty, twit-storm mocking the FP mag, NYT, et al. Not to be missed.

John Vander Weit said...

Well, we've accomplished our goal by electing Trump. Can I take a short nap now?

peace said...

The Right Scoop is, imo, one of the worst blogs on the net. Anyone who had even one kind word to say about Trump was immediately banned. This is an anti-Trump blog.

La Buck said...

Poli-Cartoonist Ben Garrison worthy of accolades big league

William Teach said...

Thank you much, Doug. It's a pleasure to be on list again.

Navysquid said...

Good rundown...I would not have included Hot Air in there though I know many of you blog buddies feel you have to include Ed in there. Hot Air like many other sites turned against Trump and his supporters and I have never went back to the site since 2015.

Anonymous said...

NEW UPCOMING Conservative Political website to watch -

Donald Trump TWEETED the sites POLLING when they were only a few weeks old. Worth a BOOKMARK.

Wooly said...

I love it, Doug.

You modify Badblue to get rid of the clickbait (i.e. any headline on Allen West's site, and several others), and it will be named next year by somebody else's award.

I just hope you like truth more than you like clicks.

About 2/3 of Badblue's links are clickbait that's full of more clickbait.

On the main page, anyway. I'm not really into nice watches, so I can't comment on that page.

We want content, and not clickbait ads like Gateway Pundit.

A Winner in this compo should be able to be viewed with no ad blockers.

Note that I still view Badblue every day, at least the Main and Tech pages.

I just don't click on the obvious bait. And there shouldn't be any.

I used to like Allen West.

"Until he wrote THIS headline, which you WON'T BELIEVE!"

Never clicked since. Because there's almost no content behind the link.

Wooly said...

CTH. Thank you, Doug. They deserve that, and have for years.

They = investigative journalism.

And nobody else.

Since 2012, with Zimmerman v. Trayvon. Then Mike Brown. Jessica Chambers. Eric Garner.

They don't see themselves as arbiters of truth. Just seekers, and knowers.

directorblue said...

@Wooly, thanks for the advice on BadBlue. Will check it out, because what you say resonates.

Anonymous said...

Excellent choices and winners per category.
There are so many very good blogs and the work put into each blog is tremendous.
Much appreciated your taking the time to select winners. AND I do agree with your Blog of the Year.
All the best in this New Year 2017. It will be fascinating.

Anonymous said...

How can you leave out Instapundit with Glenn Reynolds, Ed Driscoll, Stephen Green, Sarah Hoyt, and Austin Bay, among others? Must reading on a daily basis.

The Tundra PA said...

Broken link to Single Dumbest Blog Post of the Year.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Tree House!
I Thank God for this site everyday.

Anonymous said...

Wow no double sooper...

Anonymous said...

Badblue has been sliding for awhile...

Fischer said...

Ben Garrison hits every nail as a political cartoonist! He is also widely posted.

Wooly said...


I don't think it's sliding as much as it's being gamed.

And I hate seeing that.

Wooly said...

Excellent awards. Damn, Doug!

Theosebes Goodfellow said...

~"Who'd we miss?"~
DC Whispers

You can tell badblue is an algo since it does frequently list the never-Trumpers who, to this post election day, still can't come to terms with Trump's victory. Yikes. But in a sense, that's good too, since it requires the reader to be the final arbiter of whether the link or story is worthy.

Also missing:

That cat seems to be wired into the Israeli military intelligence community.

Congrats to all the winners! Happy New year to all!
Peace out!
Theosebes Goodfellow

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug! I agree with much of your list, this will be a great resource for expanding my daily content intake...

I'd love to have you check in on some of our sites at Liberty Alliance too...

My faves:,,, among many others.

James said...

Schindler's either a misleader or just an idiot. Take your pick:

There's a reason you will never see @20CONmittee as I call him debate William Binney or Thomas Drake (whom he tweet-trolled for taking a job at an Apple store to support his family) discuss NSA bulk collection -- because Schindler as an ex-CI dude and glorified in-house historian at Ft. Meade doesn't understand it.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Heller's Real Climate probably deserves some consideration. Drudge frequently links to that site

MMinWA said...

I agree completely about CTH-it's been my go to site for the election. sundance is IMO the best political analyst on the interwebs.

However this beaut from you, "Sure Trump is rough around the edges and may not be anyone's idea of a pious individual. Still, do you side with the devil instead?" This was my repeated question to you as you posted a dozen or more links DAILY needlessly hammering Trump. And your answer? Another 10-12 links that tore down Trump.

Not that you give a crap, but it sent me and I'm sure many others outta here. I ended up using PolitiPage-they aggregate just about every conservative website without your bullshit bias.

Kate said...

On behalf of Victory Girls Blog, we appreciate this a lot! Thank you!


pyromancer76 said...

I agree with Anonymous at 3:41. Tony Heller at RealClimateScience should be at the top of list of Climate Science blogs. No one else so factually, historically, and scientifically explores the biggest scientific fraud of all times -- attempting to control the basic molecule of life and energy resources through lies at every level of contemporary life.

Thanks for the awards and for understanding that Sundance (and crew) at CTH is the internet investigative reporter par excellence. Hope "he" becomes the model for many more real news sites.

commoncents said...

Viral Video: Black Trump supporter thanks Pres Obama for bringing us President Elect Trump

MOTUS said...

#Fab50 is the MOST Prestigious Award any blogger can receive in my area code as well! I’d love to stay and bask in the glow if this award, butt The Donald's swearing in is fast approaching and Lady M’s got a last, historic, inauguration frock to select and "tailor". This year, it’s a competition, not an exhibition.

Thank you soooooo much!

Nhwingnut said...

Politipage is by far the best conservative news site missing. And Free Republic is a close second.

Where Drudge curates politipage aggregates and Free Republic crowd sources. All 3 are the go-to home pages for conservative news. All very addicting.

Anonymous said...

Right Scoop sucks. it really offers no new insight or take on anything.

You're shafting Pamela Geller, who is always ahead of the curve and deserves wider appreciation as well as our gratitude. Is there anyone left in this day and age that doesn't use an ad-blocker? Really?

Any award for Blog Article of the Year that does not include at least one by Daniel Greenfield is deeply flawed.

Likewise, any 'Video of the Year' that omits the work of Bill Whittle.

These 'awards' are bull.

vanderleun said...

Quit yer bitchin and get back in the kitchen.

clayusmcret said...

Chris Muir and Michael Ramirez are two of my daily must-reads as are Glenn McCoy, A.F. Branco and Mike Lester.

Anonymous said...

This list should be called We Like Websites That Promote Trump...Anyone Who Dislikes Trump In Any Way Gets The Ax.

campy said...

McCain joins Milo in the exclusive club of those voices that Twitter decided to censor in its relentless attacks on free speech.

If Twitter's attacks are so relentless, why is the club still exclusive?

Geezer said...

The link for Michael Ramirez should be this: , instead of IBD, where his cartoons no longer appear.

Gary J. Fernandes said...

It's kind of hard to attach much credibility to a writer, cum blog award picker, who asserts that Hillary believes a baby's life can be snuffed out one second before birth. I'm ok with a little hyperbole, but this bs is over the top, and I don't even much care for HRC myself.

directorblue said...

Eh, Gary, apparently you missed Hillary's debate performance in which "she defended the indefensible" practice.

the pawnbroker said...

So, will your award to Muir's Day By Day cartoon send more eyeballs there, or will mention of his win on your list there send more eyeballs here? Hmmm...

dave72 said...

Iowahawk: funniest tweeter zinger.

Creeping Sharia said...

Thanks for the recognition and consistently linking to Creeping Sharia!!!


Jackson said...

In a year in which one of the most commented upon political developments was the Alt-Right, which became both an accusation in the form of Hillary's long speech on the topic, and the MSM's attacks on Trump strategist Bannon, it's odd that the Top 50 Awards fails to even note the existence of a single Alt-Right blog, instead favoring a few Alt-Lite and a more than a few full blown Cuckservative sites, while maintaining just a bit of edginess by delivering a well deserved thrashing of National Review.

There is a whole world out there that you either refuse to identify, are unaware of, or otherwise reject. I bet though that many of the Alt-Right sights have a lot more under-30 aged readers than American Thinker or Ace of Spades HQ.

Eskyman said...

Moonbattery, once an excellent site, unfortunately became afflicted with TDS. They still have not recovered.

Visit the site and you'll find exactly NO mention of our President-Elect. Far as I'm concerned they have become what they once mocked, and I won't be visiting again.

I'm also disappointed that A.F.Branco wasn't mentioned, he is one of the best cartoonists working today, and I highly recommend him!

directorblue said...

Jackson, it would help if you provided some examples of sites you believe are worthy.

Last year, John Derbyshire of VDARE won an award. I assume he qualifies?

Anonymous said...

I also dropped Hot Air for a while because it went negative on Trump and his supporters. But a bit later I decided that I can stand posts by most of the people there -- Morrissey, Sexton, and Shaw, for example -- even if I disagree. If one filters out anything by AllahPundit it's tolerable; he became infected with TDS and became as insufferable as Krauthammer or Will. He jumps on any picayune thing he can to attack Trump.

Robert What? said...

Good list. Some that are new to me and will be adding to my reading list. My only suggestion is that the inimitable Mark Steyn should have been in there somewhere.

Dan Schwartz, Editor, The Hearing Blog said...

Here are a couple others:

• David Goldman, a/k/a "Spengler" does a better job of explaining how the world really works — And has for the last 15 years. He writes at Asia Times, PJMedia; and he's the music critic at Tablet;

• Richard Fernandez a/k/a "Wretchard the Cat." He writes for "The Belmont Club" on PJMedia;

American Greatness, successor to the short-lived Journal of American Greatness — This is also where Angelo Codevilla now publishes, in addition to Claremont Review of Books;

• Essay of the Year: The Flight 93 Election.

Dan Schwartz
Cherry Hill, NJ
Dan@Snip.Net ~

hiswiserangel said...

While I am but a small town Texas mom blogger (mogger?!), and hardly in the same league as those chosen, I can boast that I have been repeatedly linked by The Burning Platform, occasionally linked by The Drudge Report and ZeroHedge, and just recently by Doug Ross. So I guess if I can't be one of the greats, it's not bad to be recognized by the greats.

Congratulations to all!

Leslie Appling
The Lonely Libertarian

Mimi said...

Personally a fan of Neo-Neocon (but maybe that's because I grew up in NYC). I find her to be pretty trenchant.

Anonymous said...

Instapundit is listed as the "Best Group Blog" above...

George Bauernschmitt said...


The Patriot Post has no ads, just daily well researched articles.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, this is my go-to site right here!

Anonymous said... for pro-liberty film news/reviews.

Anonymous said...

"For what it's worth, this is my go-to site right here!"

Bah, way to many articles bashing trump before the election. Stopped coming here for a while.

Unknown said...

Who did you miss? Somewhere there has to be a spot for Karl Denninger and his His forte is economics, especially the looming explosion when Obamacare and the medical monopoly take down the entire House of Cards known as the U.S. financial system.

Also missing is author Jack Cashill, a relentless pursuer of the truth. Jack exposes the criminal activities of the Clinton Crime Family and Little Barry, the Illegitimate Usurper, speaking of which....

Why was there virtually no reporting on the conclusive proof that Barry Soetoro / Barack Obama / Harrison J. Bounel / Soebarkah or whatever he calls himself, is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, and therefore ineligible to be POTUS. The sadly ineffective Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was voted out in Maricopa County, will at least leave office with a whimper - his Cold Case Posse at least conclusively proved that the long-form birth certificate produced by the faux-POTUS on April 27, 2011 was a complete fabrication and produced by a photoshopped computer layering and not the Hawaii birth records department.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I am once again humbled Doug. I take it my check didn't bounce?

Anonymous said...

Dennis Prager and the 250M+ views (yearly) of his Prager University videos.
Find a spot for him somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please don't call them "journalists" or "reporters" anymore. After DJT's Tribune of Truth's tweets today revealing B Hussein's "Tower Taps", these scrivener's can really only be tagged as "Co-Conspirators" & it is a richly deserved tag

FakeNews propaganda bureau's have ruined the good old words, so let's call them what they truly are: "Co-Conspirators" in an attempted coup d'etat

Please, please, please don't use my real name: THEY (the social fascist alinskyite Democrats) are taking names for scholarships to re-education "schools" when they come back

Anonymous said...

Could you mention Larry Elder and Alex Jones?

Anonymous said...

Barenakedislam should be up there. She does a great job following the evil demons world-wide.


Unknown said...

I'm a big fan of the Conservative Depot. It's the personal commentary of Xavier Keough who I found on facebook. Very talented.

Anonymous said...

Joe Dan Gorman Brain Candy - "Intellectual Froglegs" - best comedy you will ever find based on conservatism.