Saturday, June 08, 2013

BUSTED: The Complete IRS Scandal Timeline in Spreadsheet Format

Reading this timeline, I have come to three conclusions:

  1. IRS official Steve Miller lied to Congress
  2. IRS official Lois Lerner lied to Congress
  3. President Barack Obama lied to the American people

This scandal has the fingerprints of Barack Obama, David Axelrod, and Valerie Jarrett all over it.

This is fascism on the part of the IRS and the White House. It is fascism, straight up.

Or, as I call the IRS: Organizing for Revenue.

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Dinah Lord said...

Hey Doug - you might want to think about adding the mystery date of 2/25/2010 to your EXCELLENT timeline:

"What kicked off the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of Tea Party groups? The Treasury Department’s Inspector General apparently knows but the rest of us cannot. His report on the scandal includes three timelines of events, but in each case, the first item in the timeline has been redacted.

On top of page 13 is a graph titled “Figure 5: Timeline of Events and Delays Involving the Processing of Potential Political Cases (******1***** through May 2012)” that redacts the first item, not even giving a date. A spokesman for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee confirmed the “****1****” item was Treasury’s style for redactions.

The mystery date was apparently February 25, 2010, based on two appendixes in the back of the report."

via Free Beacon.

Dinah Lord said...

oops I mean via the Washington Examiner. (blushes) said...

Love it Thank's Doug...>>

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, you may want to add the request from Senator Baucus in 2010 to the IRS to investigate Conservatives

and then Schumer and others joined Baucus to write a letter to IRS

Anonymous said...

Michelle Malkin highlights the fast track of Leftist groups including Obama Foundation fast track to tax exempt status

Anonymous said...

Just a clarification: Jack Lew was not the Treasury Secretary in June 2012...Tim Geithner was.

Anonymous said...

Great timeline.

It would be very helpful to have a time line of which IRS official was in which job when. Some of these folks moved about and this will help identify who was in charge of what/when.

Also, it may be interesting to put in there the resignation of Axelrod, Gibbs, and a few others as well.

Anonymous said...

The IRS even audited conservative/outlaw author E.A. Blayre III who wrote the banned book "America Deceived II".

Last link of "America Deceived II" before it is completely censored:

Anonymous said...

Lady Liberty 1885 starts her timeline earlier and has some interesting additions to what you have captured. She writes -

Could it be possible that the catalyst for the targeting began with the Tea Party organizations in Senator Max Baucus’ Montana?

Montana Shrugged, one such organization, was starting to be quite the “nuisance” to Senator Baucus as early as March of 2010. Mind you, the Citizens United case had just been heard and decided on two weeks prior to Montana Shrugged holding demonstrations in Montana. Citizens United drew the ire of President Obama, who during the State of the Union, called out the Justices displaying his disapproval with the decision. Another organization getting under Max Baucus’ skin at this time was American Tradition Partnership, who was working directly with a few Montana Tea Party Organizations. Read on

Anonymous said...

As with your Benghazi timeline, this is outstanding work, Doug. Thank you.


Anonymous said...


Wouldn't the IG notification have gone to "Turbo Tax Timmy", in June of '12. Lew wasn't the Tres Sec yet back then.


SRV ES339 said...

Very exciting times DR... of course it's all BS and was simply an over worked ('cause your side keeps cutting the budget) staff using an obvious (TP like "social welfare" groups were coming out of the woodwork and anyone with a brain knew they were just political hacks looking for a free ride... Patriots all... lol).
It was done on a Bush appointee's watch, and the investigation concluded there was no political motivation... but of course that doesn't stop Issa from wasting $millions more on yet another Obama witch hunt (why not when all you lemmings simply lap it up).
Dolts all!

directorblue said...

@SRV ES339 - nice summary of misinformation. IRS budget has increased every year under Obama as has the rest of the administrative state; the "sequester" just slowed the _rate_ of government's growth.

And those who offer these excuses are either morally flawed themselves or delusional idiots. Pastor Martin Niemoller, who once supported the Nazi party, finally and famously figured things out after World War II:

First they came for the communists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Catholic.

Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.

Once a government gets the bit between its teeth and starts targeting special interest groups, that is the end of freedom, not just for those first groups targeted, but for everyone.

Consider yourself warned, idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doug, this is what I found on the big fat google ad:[privacy]url=[your key]

The ad states with Obama's picture: "Show that you have the President Obama's back", seeking funds to support this weasel and his party.

You might want to consider removing any googleads in the future

Anonymous said...

In Shulman’s responses, he did not acknowledge targeting of tea party groups. At a congressional hearing March 22, 2012, Shulman was adamant in his denials.

“There’s absolutely no targeting. This is the kind of back and forth that happens to people” who apply for tax-exempt status, Shulman said at the House Ways and Means subcommittee hearing.

The portion of the draft report reviewed by the AP does not say whether Shulman or anyone else in the Obama administration outside the IRS was informed of the targeting. It is standard procedure for agency heads to consult with staff before responding to congressional inquiries, but it is unclear how much information Shulman sought.

The IRS has not said when Shulman found out that Tea Party groups were targeted.

Shulman was appointed by President George W. Bush, a Republican. His 6-year term ended in November. President Barack Obama has yet to nominate a successor. The agency is now run by an acting commissioner, Steven Miller.

The IRS said in a statement Saturday that the agency believes the timeline in the IG’s report is correct, and supports what officials said Friday.

“IRS senior leadership was not aware of this level of specific details at the time of the March 2012 hearing,” the statement said. “The timeline does not contradict the commissioner’s testimony. While exempt organizations officials knew of the situation earlier, the timeline reflects that IRS senior leadership did not have this level of detail.”

Lerner’s position is three levels below the commissioner.

“The timeline supports what the IRS acknowledged on Friday that mistakes were made,” the statement continued. “There were not partisan reasons behind this.”

Anonymous said...

One of the spread sheet cells has an error: #DIV_USA/0

fighting_back said...

Perhaps there is room in the timeline for this link:

dated March 12, 2012

"The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) says IRS requests for information about the groups included "probing questions" that violate the free speech and freedom of association rights guaranteed by the First Amendment."

The Sage of Altadena said...

An excellent timeline, but the Franklin Graham harassement wasn't for pro-life activities. It was the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn. and its charitable arm, Samaritan's Purse, shortly after the Association put out ads urging support of traditional marriage.

But this is an excellent gathering of information!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

They watched in real-time. --The administration/Intl Left/OFA watched not from a situation room but at a detached perch upon high from which to observe "the process" play out; policy opposition death from a thousand red tape paper cuts. --The GOP-E watched their co-creation govt Leviathan gobble up grassroots voices and played "the bipartisan game" of feeding it paper/enquiries/hearings to maintain the tyranny of the status quo; the TEA Party will bleed out for the US to harmonize with the EU. --They watched in real-time, like Benghazi. +FeFe

Anonymous said...

You should add this to the time line: "Kelley, Colleen Potus 03/31/2010 12:30" The President of the powerful National Treasury Employees Union (NTEU), which represents IRS and Treasury employees and is fiercely anti-Tea Party, met with the President of the United States. The next day, IRS officials agree to work on a "Sensitive Case Report on the Tea Party cases".

ItsEric said...

One thing rarely mentioned is so many IRS supervisors, managers, leaders knew about this targeting yet NO ONE did ANYTHING to stop it. How many had the authority to email to the worker bees "stop these actions right now!" and didn't? Why didn't someone say this is what IRS regs say and if the package has the minimum paperwork needed, send up for approval.

Reliapundit said...


Bob said...

If just .5% of government workers had the integrity to drop a dime on their department’s illegal and wasteful operations, we would have thousands of dimes. Sorry, no more
pay phones, I mean whistle blowers.

Anonymous said...

ANYTIME "potus" opens his mouth it's a lie, the great deceptor is amongst us. When is it that a politician doesn't lie? We're all being deceived and it's gonna get worse! Hope you are Saved?