Wednesday, June 12, 2013

CALL THE GANG OF EIGHT'S AMNESTY BILL WHAT IT REALLY IS: Comprehensive Democrat Importation Reform

On the left side of the aisle stands Barack Obama, the racial separatist group called La Raza ("The Race"), Chuck Schumer, the government of Mexico, the SEIU, Bob Menendez, the AFL-CIO, Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Standing side-by-side with the Left are the "Republican" elements of the permanent Beltway ruling class: Karl Rove, The Wall Street Journal, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham. These are the monied elites who are using threats, promises, payoffs, twisted arms, and every other tool at their disposal to bring the likes of Marco Rubio, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Rand Paul to their side.

For the "Republican" establishment, it's about remaining in power. It's not about the country. It's not about stopping the importation of a permanent underclass of welfare recipients certain to vote Democrat. It's not about preserving American exceptionalism. It's not about rescuing the private sector from the damage decades of Democrat policies like "Great Society" and Obamacare have wrought.

It's not about the American people. You and I, my friends, are second-class citizens. Our voices are not nearly as important as those who have entered the country illegally.

The Heritage Foundation says the Senate's massive bill would "grant amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants" while "recycling the flawed and failed ideas of the past".

Mickey Kaus warned earlier this week that 2016 hangs in the balance for the Republican Party on this bill: "If the conservative public were paying attention, the flaws and crude deceptions of the Schumer-Rubio bill would be common knowledge. They are so obvious, especially in the border enforcement area, that even Sen. Rubio pretends to be dissatisfied with his own bill."

The Senate Majority Leader has been very blunt: "Harry Reid indicated on Wednesday that he will not allow the Gang of Eight immigration bill to require stricter border security measures."

Ann Coulter: "It must be fun for liberals to manipulate Republicans into focusing on hopeless causes. Why don't Democrats waste their time trying to win the votes of gun owners? ... But rich businessmen don't care. Big Republican donors -- and their campaign consultants -- just want to make money. They don't care about Hispanics, and they certainly don't care what happens to the country. If the country is hurt, I don't care, as long as I am doing better! This is the very definition of treason."

Congress is about to fundamentally transform the very makeup of the American electorate into a permanent Democrat underclass addicted to government benefits.

You and I aren't going down without a fight. I urge you to call your Senator and two other Senators now (clicking will open a new window).

Tell them this bill is an IQ test for Republicans. Tell them in no uncertain terms that this bill must be stopped -- and anyone who supports it will be damaged goods from this point forward. No money. No support. And primaried, guaranteed. Call now. There is no time to waste. And thank you for your help.


V. said...

I am so disappointed in Marco Rubio - he will NEVER be POTUS.

Anonymous said...

Rubio is every bit as bad as the bad guys you mentioned--if not worse. He is no innocent babe that needs his arm twisted, he is a liar that speaks out of both sides of his mouth: English from one end; Spanish from the other.

Matthew W said...

Ann Coulter:
Can she shut her stupid pie hole?
She's the maroon that has a hard on for uber conservative Gov. Crispy Creme

Anonymous said...

Matt W you need to crawl out of that cave you dwell in. Ann rejected and divorced CC quite some time ago. But do try to stay relevent good chap to the subject at hand...illegal immigration and amnesty.