Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#MASEN: Yet another lesson for Karl Rove, John Boehner, Jeb Bush and the Rest of the Republican Establishment Dopes

Courtesy of Dan McLaughlin (@baseballcrank), the accompanying chart illustrates the turnout and results for the last three Massachusetts Senatorial elections.

This year, former Naval Aviator and SEAL Gabriel Gomez faced off against a washed-up, liberal loser and perma-pol named Ed Markey. Markey had served in Congress since about 1912, if memory serves. And had Gomez been able to energize little more than half of the folks who had voted for Scott Brown, he'd have won the election.

But Gomez, for all of his impressive credentials, offered a political philosophy of pure mush. He offered no reason for a conservative to back him. On Fox News, he proudly proclaimed his support of Amnesty for illegal aliens, his belief in global warming, advocacy for gun control, and similar leftist leanings.

So why would anyone bother voting? All of those big government, Statist policy prescriptions came for free -- no strings attached! -- with Ed Markey.

Once again, there is a lesson for the Beltway establishment types like Karl ("1.8 percent victory rate") Rove. Not that they'll bother to absorb it, because they're too dense. Conservatism wins. Liberty wins. Constitutionalism wins. It wins every time when articulated by a coherent voice who doesn't pander, but explains and deconstructs the failures of the hard left Democrat Party.

A Marxist Lite philosophy can't win for Republicans. Dependence on big government, just not as big as the Democrats' idea of big government, can't win. No, Constitutional Conservatism can and will win.

And the pathetic clowns like Rove and Boehner will continue to lose elections and support until they finally comprehend this oh-so-difficult concept or they are booted out of power, which ever comes first.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.

2 comments: said...

The GOP 'establishment' will never learn this lesson, because they know doing so will cause them to become unemployed.

The GOP as a national party had died.

The Tea Party should have put up a candidate on its own. But that day is coming.

Redwine said...

GOP statist dopes will never learn. They rely on backroom wheeling and dealing and power trips. They only need their constituencies only so long as to get reelected. Our only hope to save this beleaguered republic is to make sure we find alternative conservative candidates at every turn, vet them thoroughly, so we won't be fooled by another Rubio or Flake.