Saturday, June 22, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Gang of Nine: It's Obama's Bill

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The Gang of Nine: It's Obama's Bill: Rush Limbaugh
Gutting Immigration Enforcement: Krikorian
Ed Markey: the Socialist Who Would Render Us Defenseless: Loudon

Gang Of Eighters Place Full Confidence In Janet Napolitano: Dana Loesch
Weekly Address: We Need Amnesty Because (Mumble Garble): STACLU
Inability to Speak English Helps Get You Disability Bucks: Moonbattery

No One Is Innocent: Alex Tabarrok, Marginal Revolution
CBO Report Shows Us Worse Off After Immigration Reform: Foundry
Federal nullification efforts give local, federal police conflicting orders: Police1


McConnell: End Automatic Dues Collection For Federal Unions: Ace
Eight of top ten states for job growth have Republican governors : ConIntel
Gun Maker Moves to SC, Leaves CT's Anti-American Laws: CBS Charlotte

Still More Evidence That ObamaCare Is Costing Jobs: IBD
The IRS is accessing your health records. You trust them?: AEI
Head of Chicago area public transit system quits, gets $442K severance: MP

Scandal Central

20 Reasons I Detest The Government: John Hawkins
IRS sent refunds to 23,994 undocumented immigrants at same address: BizPacReview
Official Obama Policy: Leaking Run-of-the-Mill Non-Classified Information = Treason and Espionage: Ace

Climate & Energy

Dem files immigration bill amendment that would grant amnesty to ‘climate change refugees’: Malkin
Warmists Really Excited About Chinese Plan To Possibly Execute Polluters: STACLU
Howard Dean on climate realists: “Run ‘em over”: RedAlert


Ace On Border "Security" In Immigration Bill: Jay Caruso
The Bill Cunningham and Tamara Holder “Cage Match”: Nice Deb
New Evidence Suggests TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down Leaving New York: Dave Jolly, Political Outcast

Alleged racist Paula Deen gave lots of help to Barack Obama: NakedDC
An Illustrated Guide To The Dishonesty Of Think Progress: American Glob


An Uncontrollable Ego: James Lewis
U.S. soldiers set to deploy to Egypt for riot control: Cheryl K. Chumley, Washington Times
The “Sushi” is Heating Up: Mordechai Kedar, Israpundit


WhatsApp Surpasses 250 Million Active Users: WSJ
Is Digital Marketing Meeting Consumer Need?: DMnews
Google HR Boss Explains Why GPA And Most Interviews Are Useless: Max Nisen, Insider


The Difference Between A Spurs Fan And Heat Fan: Elite Daily
Help Ted Cruz Stop the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill: MOTUS

Image: Snowden could avoid extradition from Hong Kong

QOTD: "Looking back, the IRS scandal helps explain a lot of the things this administration has done. You all remember the President wagging his finger at the Supreme Court during his 2010 State of the Union address. Well, I assure you this little piece of presidential theater wasn’t done for the ratings. There was a good reason the President and his allies devoted so much time and energy to denouncing the Citizens United case. But it’s not the reason they gave.

I realize this may be shocking to some of the interns in the crowd. But the fact is, the Court’s decision was actually fairly unremarkable. All it really said was that, under the First Amendment, every corporation in America should be free to participate in the political process, not just the ones that own newspapers and TV stations. In other words, there shouldn’t be a carve-out when it comes to political speech for folks who own media companies. It was a good and fair decision aimed at leveling the playing field.

The real reason the Left was so concerned about Citizens United was that they thought it meant more conservatives would start to form what are known as social welfare organizations — something they’d been doing, with groups like Planned Parenthood and the Sierra Club, for years. And what’s notable about social welfare groups is they don’t have to disclose their donors. That was the main concern of the President and his allies. They weren’t interested in the integrity of the process. If they were, they’d have been just as upset at Left-wing groups for maintaining the privacy of their donors. What they really wanted was a hook that enabled them to stir up outrage about conservative groups, so they could get their hands on the names of the folks who supported them — and then go after them. " --Sen. Mitch McConnell

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