Thursday, June 13, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Schumer-Rubio Amnesty Cheat Sheet

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Schumer-Rubio Amnesty Cheat Sheet: William Jacobson
Spread the Word About What the Senate Is Doing on Immigration : Foundry
No More Games: Erick Erickson

Obama's Snooping Excludes Mosques, Missed Boston Bombers: IBD
Which Database: OFA or NSA?: Cindy Simpson
Progressive Activist Tries To Lie His Way Onto Trayvon Jury: iOTW

How to lose 2016 in one easy amnesty bill: William Jacobson
Senator @TedCruz Demolishes Gang Of 8 Immigration Bill: RSM
Great News: IRS agents training at DHS with AR-15s: FAM

Amnesty, Compassion, And Immorality: Ace
Obama’s definition of “smarter enforcement”: None: Michelle Malkin
Immigration Debate Veering Into Rules Standoff: Niels Lesniewski


Levin: GOP amnesty not the issue, says real problem is welfare: Scoop
Sebelius Orders Health Insurers to Pay for Planned Parenthood: Sarah Noble
California, Illinois on Brink of Pension Catastrophe: Mish

Scandal Central

EPA’s explanation for FOIA bias leaves a lot of questions: Brian McNicoll
Issa Demands Answers on State Department Coverup: Keith Koffler
Cincinnati IRS employees lash out at Lerner’s “nuclear strike” on them: M.K. Ham

Ed Snowden; Glen Greenwald’s weak sauce: This Ain't Hell
Another Verified Lie From Snowden: Black Five
NSA Leaks Journalist Glenn Greenwald, Addressed a Marxist-Leninist Conference: Trevor Loudon

Glenn Beck: Within 24 hours, news will break that will take down the entire power structure: CDN
Snowden: I am not in China to hide from justice; I am here to reveal criminality : Scoop
House asks IRS about purported seizure of millions of medical records: Fox

Climate & Energy

Rogue EPA Staff Spies On U.S. Farmers, Releases Data: IBD
Noted Scientist Mike Bloomberg Unveils $20B Plan to Handle Climate Change: JWF
Electric-car costs can outweigh cheap fuel: James R. Healey


Prosecuting Snowden: Bruce Schneier
Is Edward Snowden a Chinese Agent?: Loudon
ESPN pushes LGBT agenda on front page: AIM

Joe Biden Warns Democrats of Sens. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul: Brian Koenig
Santelli Savages CNBC Co-Hosts, Cramer For Getting Consumer Data Before Everyone Else: RCP
BET ‘News’ Special Has Already Convicted Zimmerman: MRC

Mark Levin: Who's Done More Damage to the U.S. -- NSA Leaker or President Obama?: Kyle Becker
Interesting Interpretation Of History At The DNC’s Website: HayRide
Mark Levin goes NUCLEAR, calls out Paul Ryan for his position on immigration: Scoop


Muslim Persecution of Christians: March, 2013: MagNote
Photo of the day – ‘Christ Yes, Castro No!’: Babalu
This Is What Crisis Feels Like: A Personal Story: “It All Changed. Literally Within A Day…”: SHTFplan

You Are Being Led To Slaughter: Allan Erickson
Turkish PM vows to rid 'troublemakers' from park: AP
Afghan parliament upholds right to marry children: Atlas


3D printed windpipe saves baby's life: SingularityHub
Julian Assange: A Call to Cryptographic Arms: Cryptome
Facebook Finally Gets Hashtags: How They Work: MarketingLand


The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2013 Edition): John Hawkins
Biden Launches New Imaginary Gun Buyback Initiative: Cube
Every Mom's Computer Keyboard Looks Like This: Gizmodo

Image: The People's Cube
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Comprehensive Democrat Importation Reform

QOTD: "The federal surveillance programs revealed in media reports are just "the tip of the iceberg," a House Democrat said Wednesday... Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Calif.) said lawmakers learned "significantly more" about the spy programs at the National Security Agency (NSA) during a briefing on Tuesday with counterterrorism officials... "What we learned in there," Sanchez said, "is significantly more than what is out in the media today."

..."I can't speak to what we learned in there, and I don't know if there are other leaks, if there's more information somewhere, if somebody else is going to step up, but I will tell you that I believe it's the tip of the iceberg," she said." --Daniel Strauss

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