Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: The Mother of All Scams and Shams

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The Mother of All Scams and Shams: Michelle Malkin
Despite massive data collection, Obama can't find 6 million illegals: GWP
Obama's Power Grab: Glenn Reynolds

The Top Twenty Obama Administration Scandals: Dossier
Secret Collection of Americans' Records Up 1,000% Under Obama: WZ
Lindsey Graham: I’d Support Censoring The Mail If Necessary: Doug Mataconis

IRS Transcript Release Would Be Too Reckless, Issa Writes: NewsMax
Chuck Schumer Republicans Push the Amnesty Train: Daniel Horowitz
Openly Gay Justice Nominee Goes Off Script: Meredith Shiner


Poverty: Americans Blame Welfare: Foundry
A California School Has A Toy-Gun Buyback: John Hawkins
Government Dependence In U.S. Reaches Absurd Levels: ETF Daily News

Obama Watching Four-Hour Documentary: Keith Koffler
Government’s Shocking Interference in Rancher’s Life: Hans von Spakovsky
Cash-only doctors abandon the insurance system: Steve Hargreaves

Scandal Central

Two New Obama Scandals in a Single Day: Keith Koffler
‘It’s a Coverup’: US Ambassador to Belgium Solicited Prostitutes, Including Minors: JWF
Computer Access Not Restricted, Lerner Continues to Log In to IRS System: Eliana Johnson

Documents Reveal DHS Abandoned Illegal Alien Background Checks: JW
Cruz: ‘Why hasn’t the Obama administration prosecuted a single felon who illegally tried to buy a gun?’: Tatler
DOD Makes $1.1 Bil in “Erroneous Payments” in One Year: JW


Mark Levin: The Constitution’s Churchill: Jeffrey Lord
WaPo Quietly Changes Key Details in NSA Story: Bryan Preston
The Associated Press Notices The Public’s Crumbling Trust Of Obama: American Glob

Aaron Sorkin's Psychosis Is What Caused the IRS to Target the Tea Party: Ace
Edward Snowden: Ushanka
Allen West sets Bill Cosby straight on Muslims: Scoop

Obama's Orwellian Legacy: Dustin Walker
Obama’s No-Free Press (Cartoon): Gary McCoy
UCLA Professor: Gun Control Can't Stop a Madman: AWR Hawkins


Hillary’s State Department Sex Scandal: Jonathan S. Tobin
Alleged Pedophile Ambassador Protected By State Dept Is Major Obama Bundler : Nice Deb
Rep. Mike Pompeo tells American Islamic leaders their silence on Islamic terrorism makes them complicit: Scoop

Sen. Ted Cruz: Democrats Designed Immigration Bill to Fail – So They Can Use It as a Political Tool: Jim Hoft
Rand Paul’s ‘Here’s to Crime’ Act: Andrew C. McCarthy
White House Plans to Veto House Defense Bill: William Bigelow


Researchers find underwater monument in Sea of Galilee: Times of Israel
NSA Built Back Door In All Windows Software by 1999: Ritholtz
Navy to Equip Destroyers with Next-Gen Radar: Kris Osborn, DefTech


Obama: “Chance” Of A Lifetime!: MOTUS
FaceBook Changes "Privacy" Features Once More: ZH
Anthony Scaramucci Has A Solution To The Ugly Broads Working In Midtown Bars Epidemic: Bess Levin, Dealbreaker

Image: The girlfriend that whistleblower Ed Snowden left behind
Sponsored by: Action Needed: What part of 'enforcement first' don’t they understand?

QOTD: "You don’t throw a whole net on the entire country and everybody’s phone numbers and check the duration and see if you can come up with some overlaps. That’s not law enforcement. That’s not how national security works. I don’t care what the hell the Supreme Court said 30 years ago or what some judge said 15 minutes ago. This is America, and our government is collecting way too damn much data on we the private citizen...

….This is what happens when our country becomes unmoored from the Constitution. The function of the federal government are without limits. We have this all-powerful centralized government with concentrated power. Stomping all over the First Amendment. I mean look at these warrants with these reporters. I was chief of staff to an Attorney General of the United States. We didn’t take a back seat to anyone who leaked information to the media, but twenty phone-taps, a hundred reporters, James Rosen’s parents? What kind of mindless idiocy is that?

I think people had better wake the hell up and understand something. That we are not a constitutional republic anymore. I don’t know what we are. I’m not saying we’re the most oppressive regime on the face of the earth either, but we are not a constitutional republic anymore. When you look at the first amendment, the assault on free speech under these campaign laws, the assault on religious groups, under the first amendment. When you look at the effort to create a registry under the second amendment on guns. When you look at the fourth and fifth amendments turned on their heads, the ninth and tenth amendments, they pretend they don’t even exist. We have a chief justice of the Supreme Court who twists the words of the commerce clause and the meaning of tax in order to uphold Obamacare. This is lawlessness. And at some point we need to unravel this federal government, unravel the ruling class and push power back to the states, municipalities, and the people, or we’re going to get more of this." --Mark R. Levin

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