Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Wake Up Now and Read This!

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Wake Up Now and Read This!: Mickey Kaus
Immigration Talking Points Busted: Michael Becker
Clinton State Dept. Covered Up Investigations into Employee Misconduct : WFB

Three Lies to the Public That Must Have Consequences: Jim Geraghty
Ex-NSA Employee Leaked Surveillance Details Before Snowden: Mandy Nagy
Our Privatized National Security State: Michael Hirsh

The End of Innocence: Richard Fernandez
Government Secrets and the Need for Whistle-blowers: Bruce Schneier
Ricin Suspect Was Tracked Via Mail Scanners: TSG


Obama: 'We Don't Want to Tax All Businesses Out of Business': CNS
Where are the startups?: Jeffrey Carter
Federal regulations cost $1.8T, more than Canada, Mexico GDP: CEI

IRS Buying Spyi Equipment: Elizabeth Harrington
Obamacare Slashes Employee Hours in Indiana Schools: Daniel Halper
Sen. Ted Cruz on Farm Bill: “Does Much More Harm Than Good”: Rob Bluey

Betsy McCaughey on how she took apart the ‘Gang of 8' immigration bill: DC
Senator: foreign governments had role in immigration bill: Julian Pecquet
Did Obama Just Destroy the U.S. Internet Industry?: David Kirkpatrick

Scandal Central

Hillary's State Dept. in Huge Cover-up of Prostitution, Drug Abuse, and Necrophilia*: CBS
* Dogs were barking, could have misheard that last bit
IRS claims they can't release name of agent who illegally released data for... privacy reasons: Ace
IRS Agent Sherry Wan Caught on Tape Policing Political Speech: Bryan Preston

Psst: There are four separate scandals going on at EPA right now: Mary Katherine Ham
"The court rubber-stamped each and every petition from the Obama administration.": Brad Jackson
Ft Hood Shooter has received more than $278K since shooting; while victims struggle to pay their bills: News Ninja

Climate & Energy

EPA Leaks Private Info to Left-Wing Groups: Ricochet
@NYTimes: The Dog Ate My Global Warming: Steve Maley


2005 Obama: My Goodness, I Cannot Convey How Strongly Opposed I Am to Universal Surveillance: Ace
Stop The Presses: Hillary Is Now On Twitter!: Tammy Bruce
Obama Approval Makes 20-Point Negative Swing in 2013: Breitbart

A whole lot of folks think it's great that Obama is spying on his political enemies: WyBlog
Fox News Defends Free Speech with Moral Clarity: Robert Begley
National Press Still Ignoring Absentee Ballot Scam by Fla. Dem Congressman’s Staff Chief: BizzyBlog

The drip drip drip of Hillary brand renovation continues: Anne Sorock
Why Does the New York Times So Hate Missile Defense?: Peter Huessy
An Obama Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand!: Ed Driscoll


Russia Conducts Test of New ICBM Designed to Defeat U.S. Defenses: Bill Gertz
North Korean defectors tell stories of abuse, torture : AIM
Bar Heaven Mass Kidnapping Audio: Witness Account Translated: Borderland Beat

The surveillance scandal is a direct result of our national denial about jihad: JihadWatch
San Fran airport’s garage now a mosque complete with Islamic foot bath: Creeping
The Further ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of the Military: Josh Painter


Edward Snowden’s lesson to both businesses and the NSA: Your IT people are your biggest risk: Gideon Lichfield
Inside Amazon's plan to sell you groceries: JP Mangalindan, Fortune
Meet the Ava 500, the Roomba's Corporate Cousin: Brad Stone, Business Week


The Big Snoop®: MOTUS
Welcome to The Spectator Archive: 180 years of history now online: Sebastian Payne
Feds now back morning-after pills for all girls: Tom Hays, AP

Image: The drip drip drip of Hillary brand renovation continues
Sponsored by: Immigration reform talking points busted: Take Action Now!

QOTD: "As you probably know by now, the New York Times decided they had indeed overplayed their hand, and decided to refund most of Obama's credibility by stealth-editing their harsh judgment into "The administration has now lost all credibility on this issue"...

...The best thing Obama has going for him is perfectly illustrated by the Times stealth edit: the media will never assemble a Narrative tying all of these scandals and outrages together. They'll always break even the worst stories down into little isolated islands of controversy. They'll always say they question his credibility on one specific issue, rather than treating him like a Republican and writing meta-pieces about how he's constantly being caught lying, and it's absurd for the most powerful man on Earth to pretend he's helpless, or for a man who claimed to be smarter than all of his advisers to claim he only knows what he reads in the papers, and how everyone around him seems to "spontaneously" decide to abuse their authority in ways that further his political ambitions." --John Hayward

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