Monday, June 24, 2013

Larwyn's Linx: Mass illegal alien amnesty violates our founding principles

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Mass illegal alien amnesty violates our founding principles: Michelle Malkin
What’s Really Inside the Amnesty Bill? We’ve Got to Pass it to Find Out: Tatler
Monday is Lawmageddon: William A. Jacobson

Why Immigration Reform is the Panama Canal Treaty Redux: Power Line
ICE union president: Rubio ‘directly misled law enforcement’: Caroline May
Schumer: Mass Demonstrations if Amnesty Bill Blocked: Alexander Bolton

Every One of You Can Be Primaried: RWN
A Wide-Ranging Interview With Sen. Ted Cruz: Flash Report
Schedule: Senate Going for Broke on Amnesty: Dan Holler, Foundry


Massive Fail: Teaching Instruction An “Industry Of Mediocrity”: Mead
Calif. working to put illegals under Obamacare coverage: Joe Saunders, BPR
Jeremiah Wright Was Right!: Minority Report

BIS: Denninger (And A Few Others) Are Right: Karl Dennninger
An Immigration Plan in the National Interest? Nah.: Elephant
China Crashing: Shanghai Composite Tumbles Most Since 2009: ZH

Amnesty is Obamacare 2.0: Kickbacks and carve-outs: Toldjah
The Global Currency Crisis Awaits: Mish
IRS Line Dance: RWN

Scandal Central

Revealed: DOJ, NH criminally investigate James O’Keefe’s Voter ID expose: J. Christian Adams
Loathsome Sen. Bob Menendez Implicated in Yet Another Potential Sex Scandal: Madeleine Morgenstern
The Bracken Effect: An American Communist Putsch: NoisyRm

Climate & Energy

The 'Great Renewables Scam' unravels: Peter C. Glover


Ride the David Gregory Recursion: Ed Driscoll
CNN: Scandals Eroding Trust Young, Low-Information Voters Had In Obama: WZ
Glenn Greenwald and David Gregory Spar Over Role of Journalism in Edward Snowden Story: Chris Ariens

Poll Results: Conservative Bloggers Hate The Senate Immigration Bill: RWN
Kristol: GOP Senators Should Block Immigration Monday, Let Us and Them Read the Bill: Daniel Halper
Schieffer to GOP Sen. Jeff Sessions: 'Do You Think Republicans Get It on Immigration?': Noel Sheppard

WaPo's 'Fact Check' Falsely Slams Sen. Cruz (And Me) On Immigration: Jed Graham, IBD
Former Federal Prosecutor: Obama Admin Appears To Have “Flubbed” Snowden Case: WZ
Gibbs to Obama: Be More Transparent on NSA: Breitbart


How ignorant Britain sneers and sniggers at the threat from Iran: Melanie Phillips
AWESOME: London Imam unable to refute Robert Spencer’s claims about Koran: Scoop
Saudi National Injured in Boston Marathon bombing supported by Huma Abedin Defender?: Shoebat

As Obama calls for surrender talks to Taliban, they shoot dead 10 foreign tourists, including one American: Atlas
Canada: Moderate Muslim group rallies against jihad terrorism, draws 24 people: Atlas
Islamic jihadists in Gaza fire six rockets into Israel: JihadWatch


NSA Chief: Chinese Cyber-Theft ‘Most Significant Transfer of Wealth in History’: Eliana Johnson, NRO
Snowden says NSA hacked Pacnet, Chinese telcos: SCMag
Facebook's Former Security Chief Now Works for the NSA: Rebecca Greenfield


What Kind of Coward Is Edward Snowden?: Danbo Jangles
Stay Focused: the Shell Game Continues: MOTUS
Word: Western Rifle Shooters Association

Image: Unreal Photos From Shackleton's 1915 Antarctic Expedition

QOTD: "It’s true, we have a two-party system in America: The Evil Party, and the Stupid Party. And every once and a while the Evil Party and the Stupid Party get together to pass something really evil and stupid. That’s called “bipartisanship.”" --M. Stanton Evans via Power Line


Anonymous said...

Wow those are fantastic photos-Shakelton's journey in one of those rowboats, open no less, which I think was well around a 1,000 miles, to save the crew is one of the most remarkable stories I've ever read.

dude, I swear this site is like a box of chocolates

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