Monday, September 07, 2015

My 7-Step Plan to Destroy America

Based upon a speech by Gov. Richard D. Lamm (D-CO)

Hat tip: Mark Levin


Unknown said...

Not surprised that these ideas came from (a) a Democrap and (b) a Colorado Democrap.

It's sad. When I visited an old college friend back in the early 90's, she told me there were parts of town (Colorado Springs) that you just didn't want to go to because of all the infestation of Mexicans. I can't imagine what the last 20 years have done to the place. Probably ruined it, as Democraps do.

Anonymous said...

RINO'S and Chamber of Commerce are just as much to blame for this disaster. The last President to enforce immigration laws wad Ike with Operation Wetback.

Anonymous said...

It's called "treason."

It is being hidden by a corrupt news media, and aided by GOP cowardice and corruption personified by a filthy, corrupt, alcoholic @#$%sucker named John Boehner.

Anonymous said...

@ Unknown: Irony my good man, irony.

Seriously, Kinda scary how bullseye the plan seems to be playing out.

Must say tho, it has been my experience that 2nd & 3rd generations do "Americanize" i.e. jeans & iphones if not anymore apple pie & chevrolets.

Peace & love ftw - hopefully.

Andrew_M_Garland said...

Richard Lamm's (D-CO) speech was intended as a warning. He was not presenting his plan, but the "plan" being assembled for various political reasons by cooperating factions.

Like termites eating a ship's mast, they only intend to have lunch, but in time the ship will be destroyed. That is more horrible to me than an intentional plan.

Unknown said...

this is communism at work

Anonymous said...

Great article but he missed:

-a ruling elite that tramples on the traditions, heritage, and aspirations of the citizens therevy undermining faith, trust and confidence in the government and all civic institutions

-converting civic institutions, especially education into education camps to divide and sow mostrust and hatred

-the utilization of unions to destroy trust and insure that the "proper" people are hired. Public workers should never be allowed to be unionized. Nor should workers be forced to join unions as a prequisite for employment.

-race hustlers.

-those who use the laws, traditions, and constitution to destroy this nation.

- a corrupt system of laws and judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Too bad so many here don't get that he was a warrior AGAINST mass immigration and this speech was a WARNING of what was happening. Re-read and digest his prescience.