Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Jeb Bush Campaign Death Watch Begins

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Jeb Bush Campaign Death Watch Begins: RS
Another day, another ‘Obama administration caught off guard by…’ story: Doug Powers
Trump Widens Lead In NC; RNC Changes Rules To Benefit Jeb Bush: Treehouse

Lessons Learned from Boehner Resignation: Brian Darling
#WINNING: Madison Project
The Idiocy of the Anti-Shutdown Republicans: Joe Cunningham

Ted Cruz: GOP Leadership Leads Onslaught Attacking Conservatives: Katie McHugh
Sen. Cruz: The Real Story Of What Is Happening In Washington: Trevor Loudon
Pro-Rand Paul group stops fundraising: Jesse Byrnes and Jonathan Swan

Good Riddance to Boehner: Thomas Sowell
Boehner is gone – On to McConnell!: David Leach
Bush camp moves to ease donor angst: Politico

Chicago Records 2,300th Shooting: Rahm Blames Guns, Not Gangs: Marathon
Planned Parenthood boss clashes with lawmakers over taxpayer $$, videos: Fox News
GOP: Planned Parenthood wasted millions on 'lavish' travel, parties: Hill


WTF??? GOP, Obama in talks for two-year budget deal: Susan Ferrechio
Largest Obamacare Healthcare Co-op to Close: You Can't Even Keep Your New Plan: LI
Step Aside Detroit: There Is A New "Worst" City For Housing In The U.S.: ZH

Scandal Central

The New Rich -- Living the High Life Through Your Non-Profit: CoyoteBlog
The Mystery of Hillary’s Missing Millions: JWF
New Jersey’s Web of Injustice: Bob Owens

Huma Abedin's Lawyer Was Benghazi 'Point Person': Patrick Howley
U.S. Gives 1,519 Engaged in Terrorism “While Under Duress” Residency, Asylum: JW
‘RICO letter’ to Obama asking for prosecution of climate skeptics disappears: WUWT

Climate & Energy

Planet Still Standing 500 Days After French Foreign Minister Warned of 'Climate Chaos': Jeryl Bier
Arctic sea ice still too thick for regular shipping route through Northwest Passage: Anthony Watts
Audi Comes…Clean, Says 2.1 Million Cars Are Affected By Emission Scandal: Automnews


CNN Just Happens to Choose Two Openly Gay Journalists to Moderate First Democrat Debate: ProgsToday
President Selfie hires Hollywood to FIGHT ISIS on Snapchat and Facebook: Scoop
The reviews are in – Trevor Noah sucks: FAM

Here's What's Wrong with Dondi Marco Rubio: Reaganite
Memo to the Media: Fetus Video Referenced by Carly Fiorina Released in Full: JWF
Hillary is Even Weaker than People Realize: Michael Graham and William Kristol (Podcast)


'Israel's biggest challenge: Iranians on our northern border': Boaz Bismuth
At UN, Putin proposes "coup against U.S. global leadership": CNN
Hot Mic: Mark Zuckerberg Agrees To Curtail Anti-Immigrant Posts On Facebook: WZ

Unnecessary Loss of Life: Walter Williams
A Humiliating Setback in Afghanistan: AmInt
ISIS planning ‘nuclear tsunami’: L. Todd Wood, Times

Russia Confronted by Grim Crude Reality: AmInt
Mexico: Murders on the rise at the capital: Fausta
Welcome to Wealthy Middle Eastern Thug Privilege: Michelle Malkin

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

New clay tablet adds 20 lines to Epic of Gilgamesh: HistoryBlog
Water on Mars: Flowing salt water discovered on the Red Planet: Eric Mack
Is Nazi gold train mystery about to be solved? Polish soldiers finally start digging: Daily Mail


“Let’s Remember How This Got Started.”: MOTUS
Cho-lling: The Comically Sad Defense Of Planned Parenthood: Grant Gambling
Paul Walker’s daughter sues Porsche over fatal crash: Paultan

Image: Donald Trump is not going anywhere
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #NukeTheEstablishment: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) is sticking it out until the end of October because he wants to be able to help Barack Obama pass his big government agenda.

Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) wants to reauthorize the crony capitalist Export-Import Bank. He wants to pass a bloated transportation bill. He wants to fund Planned Parenthood. In short, Boehner wants to give a big wet kiss to Barack Obama’s agenda on the way out the door when no one can hold him accountable.

This is akin to the Democrats having to rely on retiring members of Congress to pass Obamacare in 2010 because they would not have to face the voters again.

The only way to stop this is to proceed to the motion to vacate the chair.

Call your member of Congress today and demand that he support the motion to vacate the chair. The Capitol Hill switchboard number is (202) 224-3121." --Erick Erickson

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