Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Is Obamism Correctable?

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Is Obamism Correctable?: Victor Davis Hanson
Senate Republicans Gear Up for Failure Theater: Erick Erickson
How America's political and economic elite gave birth to Trump: Damon Linker

Kathleen Willey slams Hillary’s new sex assault survivors ad: Kyle Olson
America Has Taken More Than Our Share of Refugees: Phyllis Schlafly
Flash Mob Storms Europe: Steve Sailer

Trump Crushed GOP Plan to Axe Immigration Issue and Nominate Jeb: GayPatriot
Trump’s Business Success Is More Than Marginal: Ethan Epstein
Is Biden Inevitable?: Dick Morris

Jeb Bush’s cookie-cutter campaign: Marc A. Thiessen
The Republican Establishment is in Deep Trouble: Chris Cillizza
Ted Cruz Campaign’s Latest Pursuit — High School Students: Kaitlyn Schallhorn


Opportunity Versus Outcomes: Thomas Sowell
Thanks Obamacare!: Coyote Blog
Several House Democrats concerned over DOL fiduciary rule: Nick Thornton

Scandal Central

Forget Justice: Government Just Wants Money: Steven Greenhut
Time for VA’s McDonald to Step Aside: Betsy McCaughey
Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors: SDA

New Video Shows Planned Parenthood Clearly Discussing the Sale of Baby Parts: Leon H. Wolf
Minnesota Muslim suspected of jihad recruitment given school bus driver’s license: Robert Spencer
Clinton email update: missing emails and missing classified information: RS


Rush on the conservative intelligentsia: Erick Erickson
59% Think Hillary Likely To Have Broken The Law: Rasmussen
How Hillary Clinton is using old photographs to make herself more 'relatable': Annie Karni

Kathleen Willey Not a Big Hillary Fan: “She’s a lying pig … I hope she rots in hell“: JWF
A David Brock group attacks Bernie Sanders: RS
War on Teachers: Walter Williams


The Weapons Of Benghazi: Herschel Smith
Fecklessness 101: AmInt
Putin: ISIS has designs on Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, endangers Europe & Russia: RT

The Consequences Of Obama's Weakness: Richard A. Epstein
China’s creeping influence in Djibouti: Malcolm Stuart
Montreal: Muslim teens charged with possessing explosives, facilitating terror act: Robert Spencer

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

What’s it really like in the driver’s seat of a driverless car?: Charlie Gillis
Uber chief advisor David Plouffe shrugs off wage complaints as driver pool booms: Sam Shead
Enlisting a Drone to Sell Your House Just Won’t Fly: Craig Donofrio


From Character to Caricature: Bruce Hanify
I figured out how to make the upper receiver from a bolt (maybe) .... by drilling ....: Winter Soldier
Qatari caught in Beverly Hills street race with Ferrari and Porsche claims diplomatic immunity: DailyMail

Image: Flash Mob Storms Europe
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