Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: An Open Letter To Jonah Goldberg – RE: The GOP and Donald Trump

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An Open Letter To Jonah Goldberg – RE: The GOP and Donald Trump: Treehouse
The Progressive Crime Wave Grows: Matthew Vadum
Oh my: Obama's former Secretary of Defense blasts Iran deal: Matzav

The Rule Of Law In America: An Autopsy: Liberty's Torch
Left blames economic woes on everything except its hero president: Stephen Moore
Cruz slams ‘Obama economy’ in Labor Day message: Kyle Balluck

Everyone Hates Hillary Clinton: Leon H. Wolf
Joe Biden Locks Down the Communist Vote: NoisyRm
Bidenmania as Democrats No Longer Crazy About Hillary: Erick Erickson

John Boehner’s worst nightmare is on the rise here in rural NC: Mark Meadows: Breitbart
National Poll: Trump Crushes Field; 36% Support, No One Else Close: Treehouse
Ben Carson seems to be missing from some key poll findings: Jazz Shaw

Cuomo Aide in Critical Condition After Being Shot in Gun-Free Brooklyn: Jacob Kornbluh
Why More Gun Control Laws Won't Help: John Hinderaker
Obama executive order compels federal contractors to grant time off: Nick Gass


Right In Time For Labor Day, Immigrant Displacement Of American Workers Resumes: Edwin S. Rubenstein
698,000 Native-Born Americans Lost Their Jobs in August: ZH
Labor unions hold back on endorsements for Hillary: Tim Devaney

Scandal Central

Hillary Clinton’s new explanation makes matters worse: RS
Hillary’s fixer in the State Department: Patrick Kennedy: RS
Former Trump University students say The Donald shouldn't be president, school was a scam: Greg B. Smith


WaPo Op-Ed Editor upset about Syria crisis that WaPo helped spark: Moe Lane
Vox Suggests Republicans Who Support Ben Carson Are Racist (Really): Lid
Fox's Chris Wallace Relentlessly Attempts to Goad Dick Cheney Into Trashing Trump on FNS: Reaganite

It’s The Only Solution: Put Men In Prison For The Sake Of World Peace And Happiness: Patterico
Another week of embarrassing shoes dropping for Hillary: Post
CNN does its best to cover for Obama on American HOSTAGES held by IRAN-ALLIES in Yemen: Scoop

Paul Krugman Endorses Trump: John Hinderaker
Some Perspective On Donald Trump’s Embarrassing Hugh Hewitt Interview: Sean Davis
National Review moves towards a rapprochement with Trump: RS


Here are Some Adorable Syrian Refugee Thugs for You to Adopt: Daniel Greenfield
Oh This Will Not End Well: Obama Regime Looking At Ways To Ease Refugee Crisis: WZ
Muslim Refugees Fleeing Middle East Refuse Food and Water Because of Red Cross Symbol: LibertyNews

Muslims Attack Holocaust Survivors: "Dirty Jews. Your Property is Ours": Daniel Greenfield
UK: Muslim rape gangs could have abused 1,000,000 children: Robert Spencer
Aylesbury child sex ring: Six jailed for total of 82 years over horrific schoolgirl abuse: Martin Evans

U.S. Reportedly Asks Greece To Block Russian Military Flights To Syria: InterpreterMag
Terrorism hijra: Gulf countries offer zero resettlement places to ‘refugees’: MuslimStatistics
Emails Confirm Clinton's Hatred of Israel's Leaders: Israel Today

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The physics of how that new “Star Wars” toy works: Rhett Allain
Hidden Valley leaps into beacon marketing for in-store meal inspiration: Chantal Tode
7 Significant ERP Trends: Drew Robb


Off the Cuff: Bastion of Liberty
Working: It’s SO Overrated.: MOTUS
10 Things Muslims Don’t Want Infidels Knowing About Islam: Mad World News

Image: Here are Some Adorable Syrian Refugee Thugs for You to Adopt
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ReadyForLiberty: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "It’s Labor Day, meaning today a bunch of career politicians who have worsened every problem they’ve “fixed” are going to say what needs to be done to bring back the middle class. Enter Joe Biden, who delivered a Labor Day speech in Pittsburgh, and he’s donned his hat of un-self-awareness to call for the restoration of a middle class that’s been buried.

"I’m mad, I’m angry," said Biden. "Things have become worse for workers over time," he said. "The level playing field doesn't exist."

Condensed version of Biden’s speech: “What kind of morons have been running this country for the last several years!?”" --Doug Powers

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