Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: One Nation Under Allah

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One Nation Under Allah: William Kilpatrick
CAIR helps prove Ben Carson’s point: Paul Mirengoff
Ben Carson Fires Back, Schools Media on Islam, Sharia, and Taqiyya: Pamela Geller

Fiorina’s Poisonous HP Stint Showed Major Business Ineptitude: Patrick Cleburne
Hillary bails on kids in NH; where’s the media outrage?: Howard Portnoy
Hey, Bernie Fans: All That “Free Stuff” Will Break the Middle Class: John Hawkins

Hillary: I'm The Ultimate Outsider or Something Because I'm Female: Katie Pavlich
DNC chair now getting heckled over debates at her own party’s convention: Hot Air
Obama ready to endorse Biden----with conditions: Edward Klein

Forbes Zogby Presidential Poll – Trump Widens Lead After Debate: Treehouse
Sound leadership: weepy drunk Boehner calls consevatives bad garbage: FAM
Scott Walker Drops Out, Urges Other Candidates to Exit: Matt Vespa


Obama Unilaterally Rewrites Immigration Law — Again: Ian Smith
Mehlman: H-1B program is simply not fair: Chad Groening
Mariel, Farewell: KausFiles

Scandal Central

Bacha Bazi (Boy Play): Morally Standing By: Bob Belvedere
The DOJ Now Says We Can No Longer Say Islam Sucks on Social Media: AWD
Hillary Adviser Recommends She Consider Cutting Deal on Email Scandal: Edward Klein

Sounds like Hillary supports abortions up to the Fourth Trimester: Hot Air
State Dept. releases new emails from top Clinton aide: Sarah Westwood
The Corrupt Leftist Media and Interracial Violent Crime: Earl P. Holt III

Climate & Energy

Climate Change Ideology Destroyed by Two Graphs: Dave Blount
Antarctic Scientists’ Discovery Is Absolute Nightmare for “Climate Change” Fanatics: John Brodigan
These 20 Scientists Want to Make it A Crime to Disagree with Them: CoyoteBlog


Obama's Muslim Childhood: Daniel Pipes (2012)
Hamas-linked CAIR ejects Breitbart reporter from anti-Carson press conference: Robert Spencer
Morning Joe Slams Hillary for Obama Muslim Rumors: ‘It All Started with Her’: Alex Griswold

Watch Ted Cruz on the Late Show With Steven Colbert: Scoop
September 21st Blogger Sentiment Poll: TickerSense
Liberals Insist Scott Walker’s Exit is a Big Win Against the Evil Koch Brothers: ProgsToday


Ralph Peters: ’2000 Years of Christian Civilization Destroyed on Obama’s Watch’: Debra Heine
Europe Gets Borders: Christopher Caldwell
Muslim Invaders Demand End to Oktoberfest: MB

Russian Air Force joins Syrian War, advanced fighter-bombers spotted over Syria: Oryx
Putin Convinced That Whatever He Does, Obama Won’t Respond Militarily, Borovoy Says: Paul Goble
RESET: Russian bombers began to arm NUKE near UK airspace: Marco Giannangeli

The Left Has Its Pope: Thomas Sowell
How Easy Is It To Get A Fake Syrian Passport So You Can Pretend to be a Refugee?: Greg Campbell
With eyes on Syria, Netanyahu meets with Putin in Moscow: Dan Margalit

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

It's Blame the Machines Time: The Z Man
How Robots and Sensors Will Transform Transportation, Agriculture, and Elder Care: Peter Diamandis
The Best New Defense In Cyber Security Can Be Found On...Printers: Charles Q. Choi


Reader Poll: “If You Had to Vote Today,” Rubio vs. Cruz Edition: Amy Miller
Brilliant! “Stump for Trump” Ladies Show How To Switch Party Registration To GOP: Treehouse
Are Our Familiar Political Alignments Suddenly Changing?: Michael Barone

Image: Hamas-linked CAIR ejects Breitbart reporter from anti-Carson press conference
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #SaveOurConstitution: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "... these kind of atrocities — rape of children and Honor Killings — ... occur with impunity. Who knows what others they’re turning a blind eye to. Our Military Leaders, both Civilian and in uniform, who are creating and enforcing these policies are acting like their counterparts in the Nazi Armed Forces [yeah, I said it — because it’s true].

Ordering U.S. troops to ignore Child Abuse and Honor Killing murders should be a Court Martial Offense.

That Officers and Civilians in charge of our Military should put our men and women in uniform in such a position is utterly and totally unforgivable.

That Officers and Civilians in charge of our Military should allow children to be raped to not offend cultural sensibilities and allow girls to be murdered because they transgressed the dogma of the Barbaric ‘religion’ known as Islam is vile and disgusting." --Bob Belvedere

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