Sunday, September 13, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Tech Company: Clinton 'server wasn't wiped'

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Tech Company: Clinton 'server wasn't wiped': Barbara Boland
Sanctuary City enjoys skyrocketing rates of murder, rape: Jazz Shaw
Hours after Dems celebrated nuke deal ‘victory,’ Iran announces...: Doug Powers

Descent Into Lawlessness: Victor Davis Hanson
The Invasion of the West Has Begun: Brent Smith
The Billionaire Candidate and His Blue-Collar Following: Ronald Brownstein

Obama's Navy Secretary Slanders Marines: John McCormack
Gag Orders & More: BlackFive
We need more background checks, and the statistics prove it! (or not): GFZ

The Trump Effect: The Z Man
Mark Levin HITS BACK at the gang effort to tear down Trump and push him out: Scoop
Lawlessness and Kim Davis’ Fireweed-like Faith: Susan Brown

Latest Iowa Poll Devastating For Scott Walker: Cancels California GOP Trip: Treehouse
The Plot To Topple Speaker Boehner: Matt K. Lewis
Rep. Meadows Throws Down the Gauntlet: Anti-Gunner John Boehner Must Go!: Erich Pratt


Tennessee Common Core Teaches One Nation Under Allah: Daniel John Sobieski
Microsoft Lays Off Workers Amid Calls for Expanded H1-B Visas: Ronald Shapiro
Expatriates choosing to leave the U.S. rather than pay taxes: Linda Dimyan

Scandal Central

Justice Department lawyers argue Hillary Clinton had the right to delete any emails she chose: Thomas Lifson
Justice Department Rejected Criminal Probe of Hillary Aide's Overpayment: Sandy Fitzgerald
State Dept. has no plans to make all Abedin, Mills emails public: Stephen Dinan

So the DEA has been seizing patient records without a warrant: Jazz Shaw
Time for a Special Prosecutor: Obama DOJ Participating in Hillary Email Cover-Up: TAB
The Video Of Hillary Clinton Trying Really Hard To Dance To ‘Watch Me Whip Nae Nae’ Song: HayRide

Climate & Energy

Californian climate mutiny! Democrats side with Republicans to defeat Jerry Brown: Eric Worrall
Wake up, Obama, climate change has been happening forever: Betsy McCaughey
Another green group declares war: Tony Dokoupil


‘Terrorist’ Troll Pretended to Be ISIS, White Supremacist, and Jewish Lawyer: Katie Zavadski
“Black Holes Are Where God Divided By Zero”: MOTUS
Trump Gets HUGE News, As CNN Caves to His Demands: Mr. Conservative

The Two Mark Levins: Michael Ledeen
MSNBC Panelist Says Hillary Should Emulate Palin's Authenticity: Jack Coleman
Sabato on Hillary: "It is stunning how bad a candidate she has been": Marathon


Here Come Iran’s Drones: Ben Lerner
Iran says finds unexpectedly high uranium reserve: Reuters
More Setbacks for Iran: Heshmat Alavi

AQAP’s Inspire magazine contains ‘military analysis’ of Charlie Hebdo massacre: Thomas Joscelyn
By the Temple Mount, we sat and wept: Lahav Harkov
Israel Finally Outlaws “Temple Mount Screamers”: Miriam Elman

Angelina Jolie Discusses the Enslavement of Women by the Islamic State: GoV
Rape and forced prostitution common in muslim refugee camps in Germany: Vlad Tepes
Syrian Refugees Are Happy in Turkish Camp: Brenda Walker

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Hackers had full access to your GM car for five years: Kevin Downey
The Black Death: the Plague that Sowed Terror and Death in Medieval Europe: Ancient Origins
Here’s what Google looked like in 1998: Kristen V. Brown


Psalm 144:1: Springer's Blog
SHAMEFUL: Look what these top Obama admins did on 9/11: Earl Hall
9/11. We will never forget. We will never forgive. (CAUTION: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC): BNI

Image: Vox voxplains the Clinton email scandal that she’s sorry confused people
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QOTD: "Platte River Networks, the company that managed Hillary Clinton's private email server, says the server "wasn't wiped," making tens of thousands of deleted emails potentially recoverable, reported the Washington Post.

"Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped," company spokesman Andy Boian said. "All the information we have is that the server wasn't wiped."" --Barbara Boland

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