Wednesday, September 16, 2015

OUTRAGE: Muslim Kid Brings Steel Case with Timer and Wires Hanging Out to School, Teachers Suspect the Worst

So a kid in Dallas named Mohamed has made headlines around the world for bringing an electronic clock to school; teachers suspected foul play, the police were called and the kid taken into custody for a brief period of time.

Social media blew up: targeting a poor, innocent kid for building a clock? Curiously, I noticed most media outlets never showed this clever device that terrified teachers. So it turns out the clock was constructed inside a steel box with an LED timer/clock mounted on it and wires hanging out. Here's a picture of the device once it was opened up:

In other words, the media and the White House are using these very sensible precautions to pillory the school system and Texas in general.

Just don't mention that the Tsarnaev brothers had backpacks.

And the overall level of hypocrisy, if you think about recent events in schools, is pretty stunning:

Oh, and don't forget: we have the Crusades to apologize for.

Hat tip: BadBlue Real-Time News.


Anonymous said...

Let's play devils advocate and say okay this was a bomb and detonated. Someone comes forward saying while it looked suspicious they didn't take action thinking it looked innocent.

Bookdoc said...

I would say that, considering the number of young muslim males that have killed Americans, they were quite justified. Sounds like a test run to me...

Anonymous said...

Only a Muslim would purport that this device was a clock. The kid is at an age where Islamic cultural issues and female virginity are climaxing in a paroxysm of adolescent nubile induced guilt. The only way for this kid to deal with his psychosis is to build something bomb-like because it relieves sexual tension. If he goes to the WH then apologies are owed to deviants, malcontents and perverts everywhere... not to mention hundreds of white children who have been branded for life by zealous school administrators.

Anonymous said...

Aside from the "looks like bomb" thing, it's a shock and fire hazard and never should have been in a school.

Anonymous said...

So where is the fake explosive in the fake bomb?
Fire hazard? Shock hazard? LMAO.

Are ALL the adults in the school morons or just a majority?

File this with:
Student expelled for pen knife
Student suspended for chewing pop tart into shape of gun.
Student suspended for drawing a gun in art class.

A K Dart said...

This is a case of reverse entrapment. The Muslims are pretending to be the victims of the conditions they have created. This intentional false alarm was immediately played as persecution; and in fact, the activists were a little to quick to activate in this case, so it really sounds like a set-up. Obama and Hillary and NASA are quick to capitalize on the publicity and pander to the Muslims. But the long-term desensitization effect is what's most damaging. Next time a precocious little Muslim brings a suspicious package to school -- especially that same school -- the teachers will be afraid to say anything about it.

Andrew_M_Garland said...

This is an odd clock project. If you want to explore clock electronics, the usual route is to mount some components on a piece of wood, wire them together, and power with a 9V battery. A "breadboard" clock.

This clock is mounted in a metal attache case. The components are screwed to the frame. The enclosure makes the wiring (and changing it) difficult. Why enclose it?

I want to know what instructions or projects-book this clock is patterned after. What was the intellectual goal which determined this physical setup?

Anonymous said...

The case unopened looked threatening, intentionally. Can even experts be fooled? Yes. An Oregon bomb expert was called in to deal with two bombs that were planted outside of a bank. The first bomb-looking contraption was carefully inspected and found to be a dud. Therefore, the second one was expected to be a fake, too, so was carelessly examined. It exploded, killing the expert and the cop handling it, plus fatally wounding another cop. Was this kid's project a set up, staged by his politically CAIR dad? With personal approval being given by Islamic defender, Obama. Obama has just officially declared that Americans mental/behavioral actions need to be readjusted to accept his propaganda. BTW, kids have been experimenting and planting pipe bombs for fun, for years. The incidents just haven't been reported. It is to be appreciated that the "adults in the affair" acted with concern for the safety of the other kids, even if they are now being scorned by Obama and social media for doing their jobs.