Thursday, September 10, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Obama partner in peace Ayatollah Khamenei to Israel: ‘You Will Not See the Next 25 Years’

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Ayatollah Khamenei to Israel: ‘You Will Not See the Next 25 Years’: Bridget Johnson
Mark Levin: Obama "Funding The Enemy" In Iran, $150 Billion For Terrorism: RCP
41Traitors: 5 Worst Things in Iran Deal 41 Dem Senators Back: Daniel Greenfield

Update on the New Plan on the Iran Deal: Ace
Facing Revolt From Conservatives he Ignored, Boehner Delays Key Vote on Iran: Ace
Corker Failure Theater Never Began Because Obama Never Started It: Ace

Hillary Email Apology Came After Focus Group: Sarah Fisher
Who Cares if Hillary Apologized?: Jonah Goldberg
Iran’s Khamenei to Israel: ‘You will not see next 25 years’: Twitchy

America’s descent into lawlessness: Victor Davis Hanson
Kim Davis, ‘Lawless’ in Kentucky: John C. Eastman
Federal Court Rules House has Standing in Historic Challenge: Jonathan Turley

How Ted Cruz is running the Republican table: Monica Crowley
Watch Ted Cruz's Full Speech at Stop Iran Deal Rally: Scoop
GOA Endorses Ted Cruz for President: GOA

Scandal Central

Clinton Tax Docs: Bill’s Speeches Paid For ‘Computer Services’: Chuck Ross
Huma Files: Feds investigated top Hillary Clinton aide for embezzlement: John Solomon
Hillary's Conflict at State: Providence Journal

Climate & Energy

Exclusive: Search Page for Realist Side of the Climate Change Debate: WUWT
Climate change realist Rupert Murdoch buys NatGeo, which gives grants to scientists: Zeni Jardin
House Chairman: EPA Actions in Mine Spill 'Inexcusable': Matthew Daly


LAT Publisher “Abruptly” Fired: Patterico
Shocking: NBC forms partnership with a Democratic Political Firm: LI
Hillary Searches for a Heart: Ben Shapiro

Jonah Goldberg and the Anti-Trump Bourgeoisie: John Nolte
America's Unraveling: Shari Goodman
Two kingdoms in conflict over same-sex marriage: Cal Thomas


Why does Germany want so many refugees?: Paul Mirengoff
Obama poised to take some of Europe’s Muslims. 75% of military age: Leo Hohmann
Residents Terrified As Flood Of Muslims Turns Tranquil Greek Island Into a War Zone: Shoebat

Islamic State jihadis caught crossing into Europe posing as refugees: Ralph Sidway
Symbolism Will Not Hide the Catastrophic Substance of the Iran Deal: Brent Smith
Face Of Europe’s ‘Syrian Migrant’ Crisis: 72% Are Men, 47% Not Syrian: WZ

NYT: ‘Desperate’ Migrants Flee From Terrible, Awful DENMARK: Blake Neff
US facing increasing pressure from allies to change its Syria strategy: TNS
Conservative Vatican Revolt Brewing Against Liberal Pope: Russ Hepler

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Does Time Pass?: The Economist
Apple Technology Now Fixing Female Facial Features: Everything's a Problem
Contactless Fingerprint Scanner That Can Capture Your Prints from Meters Away: Khyati Jain


Let's Abolish Social Science: Michael Lind
Hillary To Star in new CSI (Crime Scene Immunity) Episode: MOTUS
Soldier in the Sinai: A General's Account of the Yom Kippur War: Emanuel Sakal

Image: Watch Ted Cruz's Full Speech at Stop Iran Deal Rally
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #ReadyForLiberty: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "Neither the President nor his officers can authorize appropriations; the assent of the House of Representatives is required before any public monies are spent. Congress’s power of the purse is the ultimate check on the otherwise unbounded power of the Executive. . . . The genius of our Framers was to limit the Executive’s power “by a valid reservation of congressional control over funds in the Treasury.” . . . Disregard for that reservation works a grievous harm on the House, which is deprived of its rightful and necessary place under our Constitution. The House has standing to redress that injury in federal court." --Judge Rosemary Collyer


commoncents said...

Jeb! Bonus! Clip! - Jeb Bush on the Stephen Colbert Show

Jeb does his best Donald Trump impersonation...

Barry Popik said...


Total surrender.

Mark Levin is on fire.

This is not my party. I was a lifelong Republican. I am now an independent.

Do not blame Obama. He couldn't have done it without Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans.

"This is a dead party with dead leadership. It's time for a new Republican party." -- Mark Levin

Until that time, everybody should be an independent. Do not support these political parties. They no longer represent the American people. They don't even fake doing so any more.

"Notice McConnell does not go any any show in which he might be challenged."--Mark Levin