Sunday, September 27, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Cruz Rails Against “Politics of Surrender,” Urges Conservatives to Unite

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Cruz Rails Against “Politics of Surrender,” Urges Conservatives to Unite: LI
Thoughts on Boehner's Resignation: Ace
New Poll Shows Donald Trump Expanding Lead on GOP Field: Jim Hoft

Boehner to move deeply unpopular bills, House conservatives warn: Barbara Boland
Lawmaker calls for closed-door meeting to plot House GOP future: Ben Kamisar
Clinton Foundation Party a Flop? What Do Celebs Know About Hillary?: Publius

NC Patriots Fight Back Against RNC Apparatus To Steal Election 2016: Treehouse
Slimy Democrat Robert Brady steals Pope Francis’ water glass: FAM
Sanger Award Winner Pelosi proclaims support for 'the sanctity of life’: Doug Powers

South Carolina Resists Syrian Refugee Resettlement: Headlines
18 U.S. Mayors Demand More ISIS Terrorists in their Cities: Dr. Rich Swier
More Systemic Birth Tourism Revealed: Scoop


EPA Ignores Science, Pushes Most Expensive Regulation in History: Tyler O'Neil
Levin: Conservatives ‘Sick and Tired’ of GOP ‘Funding the Obama Agenda’: CNS
Maine Mayor Suggests Publishing the Names of People on Welfare: ProgsToday

Scandal Central

More work emails found in Hillary’s private account: Officials: S.A. Miller
State Department Hands Over ‘New’ Hillary Clinton Emails to Benghazi Panel: Tim Mak
NSA Chief: Hillary Clinton Emails Were 'Opportunity' for Foreign Spy Agencies: Reuters

Climate & Energy

On climate alarmists and other discarded relics: Conrad Black
More facts against the Mann – ‘late 20th century warming [consistent with] past 750 years ‘: Anthony Watts
A detailed review of the book: ‘A Disgrace to the Profession’, by Mark Steyn: Andy May


Mark Levin at the Value Voters Summit - Full Interview: Scoop
Reminder: Why Trump Battles The Fox News Machine: Treehouse
How To Get Shot By The Police: The Keith Harrison McLeod Story: Bob Owens

Carson and the constitution — Andy McCarthy’s take: Paul Mirengoff
Poll of U.S. Muslims Reveals Ominous Levels Of Support For Islamic Supremacism: CSP
Bill Clinton made Hillary ask Steven Spielberg to help her appear 'warmer, likeable and less like Thatcher': Ollie Gillman


ISIS Intends to Behead the Pope: Dale Hurd
Germany: Migrants In, Germans Out: Soeren Kern
Germany in a state of SIEGE: Daily Mail

Gitmo parole board cleared Saudi jihadist for release…on Sep. 11th: Creeping
Russian Military Are “Everywhere” in Baghdad: TruNews
China completes runway on Fiery Cross Reef: IHS Jane's 360

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Facial Neuromarketing Lab: Franz Dill
Lego Dimensions Is One Seriously Ludicrous Brand Mashup : Chris Baker
How the wolf became the dog: David Grimm


Kathleen Coad O’Brien Lost Her Husband Pat Much Too Soon: A Love Story: MagNote
Love Gov: Ace
Of Course: WRSA

Image: Mark Levin at the Value Voters Summit - Full Interview
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: #NukeTheEstablishment: TED CRUZ FOR PRESIDENT

QOTD: "We have a president and a pope who speak down to us about so many things. Whether it’s immigration, whether it’s poverty, frankly, they do not appreciate the American people. They do not appreciate American history, the American heritage, what the people of this nation have done for themselves, and the rest of the world. It’s easy for a man like Barack Obama, who’s contributed zero to American liberty to go off on his ideological agenda and force his will on the American people because of the failure of the opposition party and the courts to stop him. It’s easy for a pope to come here from Italy, from the Vatican, and quite frankly, lecture us in many respects, and talk down to us in many respects about immigration. We, the most tolerant, giving people on the face of the earth, who sent our own men and women all over the world to fight wars for liberty...”

...what Barack Obama says about we the people, what the pope has said about we the people, doesn’t understand we the people. We are a unique, crucially important people in world history. And we are different. I don’t mean by DNA. I don’t mean by looks. I mean we are different, in terms of our mindset, our psychology, which is built around liberty" --Mark Levin

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