Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Suicidal Mystics with Nukes

According to 'Twelver' Shi'a Mulims, Imam Hujjat al-Mahdī ( المهدى) is the twelfth Imam and the Mahdi, the ultimate savior of mankind. Twelver Shi'as believe that Muhammad was born in 868 and has been hidden by God (referred to as occultation) to later emerge to fulfill his mission.

Twelver Shi'as cite various references from the Qur'an and reports (Hadith) from Muhammad and the twelve Shi'a Imams. These texts predict the reappearance of Muhammad al-Mahdi which would, in accordance with God's command, bring justice and peace to the world by establishing Islam throughout the world.

Shi'as believe that Muhammad al-Mahdi will reappear when the world has fallen into chaos and civil war emerges between the human race for no reason. At this time, it is believed, half of the true believers will ride from Yemen carrying white flags to Mecca, while the other half will ride from Karbala, in Iraq, carrying black flags to Mecca. At this time, Muhammad al-Mahdi will come wielding God's Sword, the Blade of Evil's Bane, Zulfiqar (Arabic: ذو الفقار, ðū l-fiqār), the Double-Bladed Sword.

As mayor of Tehran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is reported to have ordered the city council to build a boulevard to prepare for the Mahdi. A year later, as Iran's president, he budgeted $17 million for a blue-tiled mosque in Jamkaran that is directly tied to the Mahdi.

Last year, the Washington Post reported:

The expansion [of the city of Qom] is driven by an apocalyptic vision: that Shiite Islam's long-hidden 12th Imam, or Mahdi, will soon emerge -- possibly at the mosque of Jamkaran -- to inaugurate the end of the world. The man who provided $20 million to prepare the shrine for that moment, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has reportedly told his cabinet that he expects the Mahdi to arrive within the next two years.

In a speech two years ago, Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated, "Our revolution's main mission is to pave the way for the reappearance of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi. Therefore, Iran should become a powerful, developed and model Islamic society. Today, we should define our economic, cultural and political policies based on the policy of Imam Mahdi's return. We should avoid copying the West's policies and systems."

Anton La Guardia, writing in London's Daily Telegraph: "Iran's president actually relishes a clash with the West in the conviction that it would rekindle the spirit of the Islamic revolution and - who knows - speed up the arrival of the Hidden Imam."

Two weeks ago, after more UN sanctions were threatened, Ahmadinejad stated:

As God promised, the oppressors will have their noses rubbed in the dirt. Now they are fulfilling this promise by themselves... Let it be known that in whatever we do, I see the hand of God and the hidden imam at every moment.

Princeton professor Bernard Lewis: “There is a radical difference between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other governments with nuclear weapons. This difference is expressed in what can only be described as the apocalyptic worldview of Iran’s present rulers.”

On the holy topic of suicide bombing (martyrdom), Ahmadinejad said last year: "Is there art that is more beautiful, more divine, and more eternal than the art of martyrdom? A nation with martyrdom knows no captivity."

Iran doesn’t fear retaliation if they attack Israel or the United States because a final global struggle against an evil enemy will present them with the privileges of martyrdom as taught in Islam, Lewis wrote. Death is not a deterrent.

The most dangerous leaders in history are those like Hitler and Ahmadinejad, fueled by a totalitarian ideology and a mystical belief system. Ahmadinejad believes in the imminent return of 12th Imam, which he anticipates will happen in the next two years. He also believes that he has a personal responsibility to expedite the return of the Mahdi and is therefore preparing Iran for the apocalypse.

Given the willful incompetence of the UN and the IAEA, Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons has continued unchecked. They are very close now to achieving their goal.

It is long past time to stop this madman.


Anonymous said...

And to think, WE let this crazy animal into OUR country.. Do you think this would have happened with Hitler during WWII? Not just WE, but the whole world is in conflict with Muslims world-wide. England is already over run, and they are turning the other cheek, they will fall next. Dont let this happen in America, stand up against it!!



Anonymous said...

Its fantastic satanic and too sad thats its tru to read from a writer these lies about a Iran that wants to start war, while iran never ever invaded other parts of world! On the other side the writer comes from countries/culture which had politicians/governments that are responsible for not only thousands, but MILLIONS DEAD humans, many more wounded and cripelled and billions (uncounted) of dead animals (so they r enemy of all living creatures, human & animals) and nearly devastation of whole parts of earth with polluting nature, water and air (with the wars, and without wars through a/b/c-Bomb-tests, yes destroying nature only with "tests") and contaminating whole countries and parts of continents with DU-Weapons etc.
I just can say SHAME ON YOU, trying to declare peaceful Human beings as evil for mankind, while your hands which you use to write that evil words are full of blood of millions killed human beings around the world!
YES US-Rulers have killed MILLIONS People, and Iran was always VICTIM of them, not the opposite!
You never can wash Your bloody hands, the blood of the victims will darken your heart and then your future, not Iran or Islam or Ahmadinejad or the 12th Imam or whatever You claim, You just LIE LIE LIE and nothing else, like the lies of weapons of mass destruction in Irak!
Nearly a nation FULL of notoric LIARS and lies are the fist step to prepare murder, hitler first lied massive about the humans he wanted to kill then he killed the victims of his lies, and YOU ARE THE SAME, the same culture, the same religion, you are on the side of hitlers mass murder-culture and we muslims and the friends of mulims in the world are the victims! Stop spreading thes hitler-type of lies!

A victim of lies from hitler-type people like you!

Anonymous said...

Ummm, only a retard would believe this shit article.

Anonymous said...

"At this time, it is believed, half of the true believers will ride from Yemen carrying white flags to Mecca, while the other half will ride from Karbala, in Iraq, carrying black flags to Mecca."
After I read this, I'm pretty sure you won't understand. In fact (if I'm not mistaken), everyone, in every religion, waiting for the person who will change the world.