Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Iran's 'Human Rights' Committee: Stoning Women is Humane

Here's a news flash from Tehran: Stoning Women to Death is Humane. The Secretary General of Iran's 'Human Rights' Committee insists that the customary Iranian punishment for adultery is not torture or cruel because sometimes the "criminal" survives.

In short, burying a woman up to her neck and then having a crowd fling rocks at her head until her skull is crushed is "humane".

On the writ of stoning, Dr. Larijani added: Stoning is neither torture nor an incongruous punishment... stoning is not a punishment but a torture while we think the line between torture and punishment is imponderable. [Westerners] believe the punishment for adultery should not be that severe. In fact they don’t consider this atrocity as a crime at all and they wish to force this belief on us.

If we had execution as a punishment for adultery instead of stoning, they would again complain that the crime and the punishment are not in proportion with each other-but as you know in Islamic rules, stoning is in lower level than execution because in stoning the defendant has a chance to survive...

Yep, that sounds humane to me.

See: Gateway Pundit

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