Sunday, October 07, 2007

Media Matters: now featuring Hillary's bag-men!

Yesterday, Conservative Belle scooped the entire blogosphere and the mainstream media. Her detective work links the Democratic front-group Media Matters directly with Clinton Staffers Rick Ridder and Craig Hughes.

This is the same Media Matters that claims tax-exempt status as a non-partisan IRS 501(c)(3) organization. Because they are so obviously partisan, many observers believe they are clearly in violation of the tax code.

...when I did a record search on Media Matters in the business center section of the Colorado SOS's site, I found something curious. They have registered under ID 20061240245 with a statement of foreign entity authority and according to the filing results, their 'registered agent' is listed as Ridder-Braden, Inc. in Denver, CO. Next, I looked up Ridder-Braden, Inc and found who they are (emphasis mine).

Rick Ridder - President and Co-Founder; He has served as a senior consultant for three presidential campaigns (including both Clinton/Gore campaigns)

Craig Hughes - Director of Research; Craig came to RBI after working as Eastern Political Director in the Clinton White House from 1998-2000. In that position, he supervised political activities for the President, First Lady, Vice President, and Mrs. Gore in twelve Eastern states. Craig was one of the earliest staff members hired for the Clinton for President Campaign in 1991, and subsequently worked for both Clinton/Gore campaigns as well as the Democratic National Committee.

Belle also has concerns that Media Matters may be violating Maryland law.

If attorney Mark Levin is right, It's only a matter of time before Media Matters is shuttered as a "criminal enterprise".

Illustration: the invaluable Ramirez

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