Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You, the Gullible

Prairie Pundit points to a tragic story of the human bomb pipeline that begins in Damascus:

The flat where we met was rented by a handler in Damascus, the Syrian capital, who channels aspiring "martyrs" to insurgent groups such as Ahmed's.

Our encounter was arranged as part of a four-week Sunday Times investigation into the world's biggest suicide bombing campaign. More than 1,300 bombers are said to have struck on foot or in vehicles since the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 – more than all the other suicide bombings of the past 20 years put together.

The number this year promises to be higher than ever. The bombers are estimated to have killed and injured more than 4,000 people in the first nine months. Their targets have ranged from lines of police recruits in and around Baghdad to an entire village near the Syrian border where up to 500 died.

So who are these bombers and why do they do it? How are they organised? And how much impact are they really making on a war that is sucking ever larger numbers of suicidal volunteers from across the Middle East into Iraq's vortex of violence.

We tracked down three bombers in our search for answers. The first interviews of their kind with men passing through Syria on their way to die in Iraq, they confounded expectations.

These were no psychopathic loners from the ghetto, but articulate, middle-class men in their twenties and early thirties who had come from good homes and gone to university. One was a newly married accountant.

Yet all had reached the chilling conclusion that killing "sinners" would transport them to paradise. None had the slightest inkling that they might be exploited by Al-Qaeda and other battle-hardened groups which will probably use these fresh-faced idealists for no higher purpose than to sustain the most brutal sectarian conflict of our age...

Attention, would-be suicide bombers:

They're lying to you.

You'll find no paradise. There will be no virgins. Instead, you'll receive instant unconsciousness and your family will be gone -- forever.

You've been tricked by a bunch of conniving thugs too cowardly to strap bombs on themselves. So they recruit you, the gullible. Ask your local recruiter whether they'll strap a bomb on first -- before you do. Their answer should tell you all you need to know about their true beliefs.

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