Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hi-larious Hi-jinx as the Mainstream Media Melts Down!

Morgan Stanley has decided to sell its entire stake of New York Times stock (via Bloomberg):

Morgan Stanley, the second-biggest shareholder in New York Times Co., sold its entire 7.3 percent stake today... sending the stock to its lowest in more than 10 years... Traders with knowledge of the transaction said Merrill Lynch & Co. brokered a $183 million block trade of 10 million New York Times shares this morning.

...New York Times shares slid 43 cents, or 2.3 percent, to $18.48 at 4:04 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading, the lowest since January 1997. The stock has declined 24 percent this year.

Good news for Maureen Dowd, though, as she may qualify for SCHIP soon.

Not to be outdone, Newsweek Magazine may have just set a record for errors-per-column-inch (via Powerline):

...the correction posted online by Newsweek for the sidebar above that runs in the current issue:

Editor's Note: In our print edition, several captions for the photographs accompanying this report were inadvertantly transposed. Martin Kramer's photograph is identified as Norman Podhoretz; Daniel Pipes's photograph is identified as Kramer; Peter Berkowitz's photograph is identified as Pipes; Nile Gardiner's photograph is identified as Berkowitz's and Podhoretz's photograph is identified as Gardiner's. NEWSWEEK regrets the errors.

Daniel Pipes writes that the correction "warrants a place in Guiness World Records" and comments:

(1) There are six pictures in all on the page and five of the six captions are wrong; only that of Robert Kasten is correct. Aggregating so many errors at once takes real talent – but count on Newsweek.

(2) The inevitable implication is that, for Newsweek staff, all conservatives look alike.

(3) The accuracy of the picture captions provides an apt commentary for the rest of Newsweek's wretched coverage in this article.

(4) For another example of Newsweek's problem with quality control, see "Lorraine Ali, the Worst Political Reporter in America?" (October 15, 2007).

Pipes's co-conspirator and double Martin Kramer cites his mother concerning Newsweek's regret over its errors: "Believe me, they don't regret them as much as my mother does."

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