Saturday, October 27, 2007

The ACLU's new video: Bed-wetters Among Us

Lefty blogger Right Wing Snarkle likes to refer to my site as Paranoid Bedwetter. The impetus for this half-hearted attempt at satire was the recent post Unintended Consequences, a tale of a dirty bomb inspired by, of all things, a New York Times op-ed.

No, John Stephenson at STACLU has identified the real bedwetters: the ACLU's video production company. The evidence? Their recent propaganda rap Monster among us.

The tune isn't quite as fetching as the Chronicles of Narnia rap, but what it lacks in melody it makes up for in sheer, mind-numbing paranoia. My advice to the ACLU: change the sheets and have Mommy tuck you in tonight.

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